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Google Launches WooCommerce Integration


Google Launches WooCommerce Integration

On June 9th, Google released a free integration with WordPress’s eCommerce platform WooCommerce. This means that the over 4.4 million online stores using the platform can easily integrate their product inventory across the Google network.

Does this apply to me?

If you’re using WooCommerce or looking to switch over, this is definitely a big plus. Shoppers will now easily be able to discover your store and products on Search, Shopping, Image Search, and YouTube.

Matt Madrigal
“With over 1 billion shopping sessions happening per day across Google, this integration will help merchants make more connections with shoppers who are eager to discover new brands.”

What are the perks?

Beyond the visibility element, there are some other bonuses for WooCommerce merchants who take advantage of this new partnership:

  • Seamless connection

With this new integration, all your inventory will automatically sync with your Google Merchant Account and you’ll have access to your ads through your WooCommerce dashboard.

Source: WooCommerce
  • Free listings

Google offers free listings on the Shopping tab that eligible products can appear on. Also, if you’re selling in the US, your products can show up on Google Search, Google Images, and Gmail.

  • Smart Shopping Campaigns

Since your inventory is synced automatically, you can take advantage of Smart Shopping Ads which can save you time. Just connect your Google Ads account, pick a budget, and launch everything straight from WooCommerce’s dashboard.

  • Free money

Well, free Google Ads credit if you’re only just starting an account. If you haven’t yet launched any ads, then this partnership offers you $150 in free credit to get you started with Smart Shopping ads. You can review all the boring eligibility information on Google’s site.

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