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The posto-iOS 14 world of ads


Optily Shorts: The post-iOS 14 world of ads

Everyone is talking about iOS 14.5 since it’s been released on Monday. The App Tracking Transparency feature is out now and apps need to ask permission to track users.

Our Chief Product Officer, Keith O’Reilly, and Greg Sterling, VP of Market Insights at Uberall, got to talking about what these changes could mean in the long term.

Optily Shorts: The post-iOS 14 world of ads with Greg Sterling

The main takeaways from their iOS 14 chat are:

  • The big ad platforms–Google, Facebook, Amazon etc.–will be the real winners
  • Since third-party tracking will soon end, the first-party data aggregators will consolidate power in advertising
  • Consumers will have more privacy, but will be served up more irrelevant ads
  • In order to entice users to allow more targeting, platforms will need to be more transparent about the data they’re collecting
Greg Sterling
"It's the right thing to do for the consumer. We have to move from a surveillance economy--as it's been called "surveillance capitalism"--to one where the consumer has more control and understands what's going on. This is fundamentally what people want."

Greg and Keith chat more about local ads, Google My Business, and making it easy for your customers to shop on the next episode of Optily Radio. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out!

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