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Digital Marketing Tactics

Michel Guillet: Leveraging Data Visualization

Oftentimes there is a bit of a disconnect between marketers and data analysts, but given the increasing importance of data-driven marketing it’s more crucial than ever for them to learn to speak the same language. On this episode of Optily Radio, we talk all things data visualization.

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Navah Hopkins: CRO Toolkit

Are you focusing too much on discounting and not enough on exclusivity as a conversion rate optimization tactic? On this new episode of Optily Radio we covered off this and more ways you can ensure people on your site complete a checkout.

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Digital Marketing Tactics

5 Free Ways to Upskill in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a field that is constantly shifting–some might say shifting under our feet almost! You’ve got to keep up with all the changes to have the edge over your competitors.

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Ecom World Highlights 2021

A look back over the highlights of the largest eCommerce event in history! Here we’ll summarize Ecom World’s most inspiring and influential guest speakers.

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