New to Shopify and want to ensure you're off to a great start?

Find out how from the experts. Optily, Sift, and Shippo demonstrate ways you can streamline and automate processes that will accelerate your growth in the competitive online landscape.


2022 eCommerce Business Starter Kit eBook
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2022 eCommerce Business Starter Kit

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Who is this whitepaper for?

If you’re an established brand that’s recently moved online with Shopify due to the pandemic, or you’re a new company launching online, this eBook is for you. We lay down the fundamentals you need to succeed in online retail.

What will I learn that will help my eCommerce business?

We’ll introduce some of the fundamentals to you in this summary eBook from eCommerce experts:

  • Optily will guide you through the process of setting up a marketing funnel for maximum advertising impact
  • Sift will show you why it’s crucial to balance friction when it comes to preventing fraud while not obstructing legitimate customers
  • Shippo will explore the problems smaller businesses have with shipping and how to alleviate them

How long does it take to get through?

It’s a really short read since we know you’re busy growing your business. If you go through the whole thing in one go, you’ll get through it in under 30 minutes.  Time is money, after all, and we value both of those things here at Optily.

“The marketing funnel is a straightforward, orchestrated way for marketers to organize their content, messaging, and metrics to figure out what to say to customers who are at different stages of their purchase journey.”

Katarina (Nina) White

content marketing manager at optily

If you want to learn more about the marketing funnel or discover what the Optily solution can do for your business, schedule in a short session with one of our experts below. 


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