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Discover where your biggest sales are coming from with a complete Source/Medium report, including first and last touch campaign impact

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Upgrade for an in-depth audit of your funnel strategy and ad performance. Gain immediate actionable advice on where to invest and stay on track with monthly strategy sessions.

Optily grew out of 10+ years' experience with a range of international eCommerce businesses, agencies, and online brands.

We’ve concentrated this experience into a smart software tool for your store. Enterprise grade tech without the pricetag.

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Start with the Free Shopify App​

The attribution report app brings together your Shopify sales data, along with Google and Facebook Ads metrics to allow you discover the total order value attributed to digital channels.


Upgrade for a Full Ad Strategy Audit

For just $99, you get a complete audit of your ad strategy, advice on structuring your marketing funnel, and analysis of which campaigns are performing the best across all your channels.


Continue with Strategy Sessions

Keep your growth on point with monthly strategy sessions to stay on top of your ad spend distribution, manage your full funnel approach, and keep your ROAS growing across your online channels.

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Digital ad spend management: Solved!

Analyze, Allocate, and Automate your digital ad investment with a unique combination of Google and Facebook Ads, Google Analytics and Shopify sales data. Unlock daily insights and actions to supercharge your return on ad spend.

Easy Setup | Real-Time Insights | Smart Actions | Rapid Growth

Enabling you to supercharge your ROAS and reclaim your day.

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Integrating with the platforms you use every day

The only ad spend solution combining Shopify with the biggest data platforms.


Optily was created for Shopify store owners. Our unique data connect service is now available from the Shopify app store.


Optily can manage your Meta for Business advertising budgets across all ad properties, including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network.


From Search, YouTube, Display Network, and Shopping campaigns, Optily can optimize budgets across the entire Google Ads portfolio.

Google Analytics

Optily draws upon Google Analytics for better accuracy of campaign budget recommendations and the ability to set GA-based goals. 

Coming Soon

From TikTok to Microsoft Advertising, Pinterest to Snapchat, let us know the platforms you’d like to see Optily support in a future update. Click here to send us a message.

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Enabling Crua Outdoors to deliver maximum returns on their online sales

What is optily?

We've built a time machine for Shopify pros like you've

Our software was built to solve a common problem Shopify store owners face every day. Now our customers are managing cross-campaign ad spend in minutes, not hours!

See your return on ad spend soar, while reclaiming your day. 

Time Saved

Hours of campaign analysis across Google and Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, and Shopify reduced to minutes with our single-view dashboard, showing all your campaign data.

Time Gained

Apply Optily's budget recommendations with a single click, or automate frequent changes for even more efficiency! No more navigating to multiple interfaces to make manual changes.

Time Accelerated

Achieve your goals faster with our automated optimization engine, ensuring your budget is always spent on your best performing campaigns for maximum returns.

Time Well Spent

Reclaim your day. Focus your expertise on audience insights, creative performance, and new opportunities, while Optily takes the menial budget management tasks off your plate.


Hear from our customers

Analyze, allocate, and automate your ad spend with Optily's stand-out features.

Framework for Success

When you add your Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube campaigns into OptiGroups, they’re automatically sorted into goal-based categories to be optimized against each other.

Comprehensive Campaign Data Overview

Your unified dashboard brings in your Google and Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, and Shopify store data. This one-stop-shop for all your marketing insights is available within seconds of linking your accounts.  

Done-for-you budget management

Discover real-time budget recommendations for your digital campaigns designed to deliver maximum ROAS, every day! 

Increased performance with increased efficiency

Review and apply cross-platform ad spend recommendations with a single click or automate these changes to supercharge optimization while you sleep.

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