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Boost ad performance by allocating your budget to top-performing products with insights from Conjura. Enjoy exclusive, complimentary access to Conjura’s software and services plus additional subscription discounts.

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Kickstart your journey with a complimentary eAssessment, providing a comprehensive snapshot of how your business stacks up against industry benchmarks, unlocking your full profit potential. 

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Unlock the power of Retail Analytics with FREE access from now and throughout March 2024, offering you a $200 value at no cost. Gain immediate insights and actionable advice to boost your profits.

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Extend your savings with an exclusive Optily offer: Enjoy a 25% discount on your ongoing subscription, amounting to a $600 saving on Conjura’s Retail Analytics service for your first year following your complimentary month.

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Unlock real value from your data

Pinpoint your top products and understand the drivers of underperformance as you build your growth strategy

Optimize product strategy

Focus on profitable products that grow your eCommerce brand

Actionable recommendations

Access insights into your products that you can easily implement

Single source of truth

Roadmap to higher profits, clearer strategies and, smarter decisions

Put performance in context

Validate strategy, understand trends and, identify performance gaps

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“We’re delighted to partner with Optily, offering Conjura’s fully automated platform and proprietary data models to help you connect with and transform your eCommerce data. Let us power your 2024 growth strategy with FREE access to our eAssessment and Retail Analytics. Get started in seconds and welcome aboard!”

Fran Quilty

Ceo – conjura

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