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Klaviyo’s sophisticated tools for email and sms marketing make it the go-to expert 3rd party program to support businesses with strengthening their retention and growing profitably.

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Getting started

Getting started with or expanding upon your email and sms marketing activity can be daunting. Shopify store owners and marketers have expressed the need for additional support in creating an impactful customer communication program that can be manually executed or automated for maximum efficiency.

The Optily team is here to help you!

Below you’ll find our fact finder form. Take a few minutes to complete the form and then meet with the Optily team to learn more about the right solution for your business. From technical setup and an easy to manage communication framework, to a fully managed email marketing strategy, Optily can flex to your needs.


Optily has partnered with Clearco to provide you with financial tools to grow your business.

Start your funding application below. Approval can take as little as 24 hours and every funded account receives 3 months of Optily software for FREE.