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With a 90-second setup, instant insights, and smart recommendations, you can supercharge your sales overnight with Optily’s digital ad optimizer for Shopify.

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What exactly is optily?

Your Shopify Sales Supercharger

Optily simplifies time-consuming digital ad processes Shopify store owners face every day. Now you can manage cross-campaign ad spend in just minutes per day!

Time Saved

Hours of campaign analysis across Google and Facebook Ads, and Shopify reduced to minutes with our single-view dashboard, showing all your campaign data.

Time Gained

Apply Optily's budget recommendations with a single click once a day straight from the dashboard! No more navigating to multiple interfaces to make manual changes.

Time Accelerated

Achieve your goals faster with Optily's optimization engine, ensuring your budget is always spent on your best performing campaigns for maximum returns.

Time Well Spent

While we redistribute your ad spend for maximum returns per campaign, you can spend your time on audience insights, creative performance and new ROAS growth opportunities.

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Optily can resurrect your Facebook and Instagram Ads

Millions of advertisers continue to struggle with Facebook and Instagram performance since the iOS 14 changes to event tracking. Our smart software will help you overcome this challenge and get back back on track for growth.

Unified Metrics

By bringing Meta Ads data together with Google Ads and Shopify, Optily is able to have a more holistic view of overall campaign performance.

Full-funnel View

Using the marketing funnel structure enables Optily to optimize ads with similar goals, so we're always comparing apples to apples.

Accurate Data

Because we don't rely solely on inaccurate Facebook pixel data, Optily can make recommendations from reliable data from multiple sources.

Efficient Spend

With PPC costs on the rise, Optily makes sure you're spending your marketing dollars at the right place for the most impact with minimal time on management.

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