Optily helps Shopify merchants fight the increasing costs and complexities of managing digital ads.

The Optily app combines Meta and Google Ads data with sales data from Shopify for the ultimate ad performance solution, showing you how to deliver maximum sales from your digital ad investment. 

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The Problem

Bookstation, an online book retailer, struggled with managing cross-channel campaigns across Facebook and Google. In early 2021, when Apple implemented changes to tracking through iOS 14, there was a significant amount data loss for iPhone users across the industry. 

Results achieved

Optily enabled the client to

Grow ROAS 11.5x

Bookstation saw a blended return on ad spend across Facebook & Google of 11.5x

Convert 7% of users

They achieved an overall 7% average conversion rate during a 12-month period

Adapt to iOS 14.5

Alternate data sources and new strategies minimized the impact of iOS 14.5 data loss

Keep bounces low

Often, paid ads can increase a site's bounce rate, however, the team maintained an average bounce rate of just 35%


Continued growth despite a changing digital landscape

Over the first 2 months, the Optily was able to achieve phenomenal growth by implementing the funnel strategy within the Optily app framework, updating creative and copy, and software driven recommendations and changes.

Once iOS 14.5 launched and the vast majority of Apple users opted out of tracking, there was a significant drop in the level of granularity in the data. Despite this challenge, Bookstation continued to grow at a consistent ROAS throughout 2021.

With Optily, you can say goodbye to:

  • Outsourcing to expensive third parties or agencies
  • Wasting ad spend on unoptimized campaigns
  • Hours down the drain on pulling data and complicated analysis
  • Manual budget allocation across multiple platforms
  • Weak ROAS and stagnate overall growth


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