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Say goodbye to Facebook Analytics

Did you get an email earlier this month from Facebook telling you they’re phasing out their Analytics? What does that mean and where can you find your Page data?

First of all–breathe! Facebook Analytics is going away, yes, but your data isn’t. You’ll still have access to Page information, stats, and reports, just in other places.

We like getting to the point here at Optily, so here are the main bits:

What? Facebook is getting rid of Analytics on June 30th. 😟

Why? Facebook is trying to consolidate and get page owners to use Business Suite, Ads Manager, and Events Manager.

Does it affect me? If you have a Facebook Page, then yes. Your on-page Insights won’t be there and you’ll have to access other tools to view your data.

Did that answer everything? If so, awesomesauce. Have a great day!

Want a bit more? Then here are the deets on what’s going on and what you’ll need to do before this summer to make sure you have the data you need when your boss asks, “How are our Facebook numbers looking?”

What is Facebook Analytics?

It’s the interaction data you can see from your Page Insights overview. Analytics links your Page data with your Facebook Pixel (if you had one) to provide various insights.


Source: Facebook

It shows you historical data on how many visitors you had, post likes, and overall user engagement. You know, the kinda important things when you’re a social media marketer!

This data is getting harder to collect overall because of changes in iOS 14 that will now ask users if they agree to be tracked, along with a general trend towards more online privacy demanded by consumers.

I hate change! Why is Facebook doing this?! 😖

Unfortunately, in digital marketing it seems as soon as we get used to a particular interface or tool it goes and changes on us.

Facebook didn’t provide a reason for the change or whether it’s related to iOS updates, but experts have some speculations. According to mobile growth consultant, Thomas Petit, “Most developers greatly prefer more robust product analytics tools, such as Amplitude or Mixpanel.”

Although non-devs might have some differing opinions:

They’ve rolled out Business Suite and it seems like they’re trying to funnel everyone to this one platform for all analytics, content, and page management. The problem is, it’s currently not available to everyone.

So, what do I do now?

In their announcement, Facebook offers up some alternatives to Analytics that you should start using, if you’re not already:

Business Suite

As we already mentioned, Facebook is trying to centralize everything here. However, for the time being at least, they’ve only made Business Suite available for small businesses. This is meant to replace Facebook Business Manager, but it won’t have all the same features (like Ad Manager will be separate, for example.)

Ads Manager

If you’re running ads, then you’ll need to go here to create them and check out your performance.

Events Manager

This tool will help with setting up and managing your pixel or Facebook Conversions API, along with any reports about events on your page, app, or physical store.

Want more?

Facebook Ads Manager, Business Suite, Events Manager all sound like a bit much to chew? Optily’s dashboard will take all this data straight from Facebook and present it in a single, easy-to-digest dashboard (we’ve just done a redesign to make it extra snazzy for you!) that presents all your ad campaigns.


While we don’t manage organic stuff, we can help you optimize your ad campaigns across multiple channels with just a single click. Get in touch with Will from our super-helpful Strategy Squad for a short chat to see if we’re a good fit for you.

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