Case Study

Seresto and Optily Unleash the Flea-tastic 2023 Strategy: More Landing Page Views, Less Cost, and Non-Stop Audience Engagement!

171% Increase in Landing page views

In the first 3 months of activity compared to the first 3 months of full funnel activity in 2022.

71% Lower Costs

The CPLPV (Cost Per Landing Page View) reduced by 71% in the 3 months of full funnel activity in 2023 vs the same period in 2022.

21% decrease in spend

21% decrease in budget for the first 3 months of full funnel activity in 2023 compared to the first 3 months of full funnel activity in 2022.

The Problem

Seresto, the #1 Vet Recommended flea and tick collar, have worked with Optily to increase brand awareness, maximize marketing impact, drive purchases through partner outlets, and improve customer understanding of their brand. Optily has previously collaborated with Seresto during their peak seasons, focusing on driving awareness, engagement, and website traffic, with a key performance indicator (KPI) of Landing Page views.

The challenge identified was that landing page views were initially slow to gather in 2022 and the cost per landing page was relatively high, averaging €5.31. We saw an opportunity for Seresto to expand past their peak season marketing activity, to address this, Optily aimed to re-strategize for 2023 while maintaining the same budget. The goal was to enhance results by focusing efforts beyond the peak seasons, nurturing top-of-funnel audiences throughout the year to benefit the middle and bottom funnel stages during the brand’s peak seasons.


The power of keeping your audiences engaged and familiar with your brand...

Optily recognized the opportunity to expand Seresto’s marketing activity beyond peak seasons and maintain top-of-funnel brand awareness throughout the year. By avoiding a scenario where audiences forget about the brand and need to be reintroduced during the peak season, the strategy aimed to ensure audiences were already familiar with the Seresto brand and product before implementing full funnel campaign activity. An evergreen approach was implemented for top-of-funnel activity to keep audiences engaged and familiar with Seresto, while also testing different creative styles to inform recommendations for middle and bottom-of-funnel activities. 


How it started...

Cost per landing page views were high, and audience engagement was slow to start

A year later...

After implementing a new strategy to keep audiences engaged and aware of the brand, landing page view costs dropped by 71% and landing page views increased by 171%

Optily helped Seresto increase their results by 171% and reduce their costs by 71% 

Features used


Opportunities to improve ad spend efficiency.


Recommendations, backed up with data, shared by Optily+ direct to Seresto to help achieve better results.


Optily+ simultaeneously increased landing page views by 171% and reduced cost by 71% in the first 3 months of full funnel activity.

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