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Understanding the gBraid Parameter in Google Ads

Google's gBraid parameter for Google Ads helps measure conversions on iOS 14.5+ devices, complying with Apple's ATT guidelines. It's automatically enabled for URLs, facilitating better ad performance tracking. Leverage the gBraid parameter to keep your advertising strategies responsive to privacy changes.

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Google recently introduced the gBraid parameter as a critical component of Google Ads. Specifically designed for tracking conversions on devices running iOS 14.5 and later versions, the gBraid parameter serves as a unique identifier that contributes significantly to the efficient and effective management of Google Ads.

What Is the gBraid Parameter?

The gBraid parameter is an identifier unique to each ad click. It’s designed to allow advertisers to measure conversions for iOS 14.5+ users in a privacy-centric manner, in compliance with Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) guidelines.

Importance of the gBraid Parameter

The gBraid parameter is critical for tracking and understanding your ads’ performance on iOS 14.5+ devices. By allowing you to measure conversions in a way that respects user privacy, it helps ensure that your advertising efforts remain effective in the changing digital landscape.

Moreover, the gBraid parameter assists in troubleshooting issues related to your ads, acting as a vital tool for identifying and resolving operational anomalies, and ensuring the smooth functioning of your ads on iOS 14.5+ devices.

Guidance on Utilizing the gBraid Parameter

To make use of the gBraid parameter, you’ll first need to ensure that your Google Ads account is properly set up. This includes setting up conversion tracking and linking your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts.

Google will automatically enable the gBraid parameter for your URLs. You don’t need to manually add this parameter to your URLs.

For further guidance, refer to Google’s Setting up Google Ads Guide and Using the gBraid parameter articles in the Google Ads Help Centre.

Deadlines and Compliance

It’s important to note that these changes are in response to Apple’s new privacy policies. As such, advertisers should ensure that they are familiar with these policies and that their advertising practices comply.

In terms of deadlines, the gBraid parameter has been rolled out in Google Ads, so it is essential to review and adjust your advertising strategies as necessary.

For more information about compliance and deadlines, check out the Google Ads Help Centre for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

In conclusion, the gBraid parameter is a valuable tool for advertisers working with Google Ads, particularly for those targeting users on iOS 14.5+ devices. With its help, you can continue to track and optimize your ads effectively while respecting user privacy.

People also asked:

What is the impact of iOS 14.5 on Google’s tracking parameters?

With the introduction of iOS 14.5, Google has had to adjust its tracking parameters. Apple’s changes to its App Tracking Transparency policy mean that businesses can no longer send the Google click identifier (GCLID) for traffic coming from some Google apps when used on iOS 14.5 devices. In response, Google has implemented two new parameters: GBRAID and WBRAID. These are added to the landing page URL for traffic from Google apps on iOS 14.5 devices, replacing the previous GCLID parameter​1​.

What are GBRAID and WBRAID parameters?

GBRAID and WBRAID are two new parameters implemented by Google in response to changes in Apple’s App Tracking Transparency policy with the introduction of iOS 14.5. GBRAID is used for app measurement, specifically for Search & Shopping campaigns. WBRAID, on the other hand, is used for web measurement, and is associated with YouTube, Display, and Discovery campaigns​2​.

How do GBRAID and WBRAID parameters affect businesses and their marketing efforts?

The changes in Google’s tracking parameters can impact the accuracy of conversion data received from Google, as well as conversions being sent from businesses to their Google accounts. However, businesses such as WildJar have automatically updated their scripts to dynamically swap the new GBRAID and WBRAID parameters. UTM parameters can still be read and attributed to click activities, and businesses are recommended to continue using them for Google Ads traffic or consider implementing them if they are not currently doing so​3​​4​.

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