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Stunning ROAS to Match Stunning Homeware from HueGah Home

results achieved

Optily enabled HueGah Home to achieve...

Doubled Sales

Sales from ads more than doubled within 7 days for Meta ads, even though ad spend was reduced by 23%.

26% Lower Costs

The CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) reduced by 26% in the first week after installing the app.

Increase ROAS 2x

ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) increased by 181% by actioning daily ad spend opportunities.

No-Script Install

Setup took just minutes with no cookies or scripts to install. Actions are instantly applied.

The Problem

HueGah Home is a rapidly scaling Shopify brand offering unique Danish, Nordic, Scandinavian, Japanese, and Italian inspired home decor and furniture. Based in California, the female-founded business is grounded in a passion for interior design that seeks to empower home owners to be comfortable entertaining in the home and making it a cozy sanctuary.

With a massive social following, HueGah Home wanted to drive more efficiency on their social media ad spend. In particular, they felt that they were not getting the best returns from their investment in Instagram and Facebook ads. This was especially the case as the current ad spend investment was coming off the back of a peak season, but returns had started to plateau. 

HueGah Home was looking for a solution that would take the subjectivity out of ad spend investment decisions in order to help them scale efficiently.

7 days to success

Doubling sales and lowering costs is difficult, right?

For HueGah Home it was not only easy but FREE! 

Day 1: HueGah Home installed the Optily ROAS Supercharger app from the Shopify store on the FREE Starter Plan.

They easily connected their Meta ads account and followed the wizard to easily create groups of ad campaigns that supported their business objectives. 

Optily surfaced ad spend optimization opportunities which HueGah Home was able to apply directly within their Shopify admin.

Day 2 – 7: HueGah Home opened the Optily app each day without ever leaving Shopify. Optily continually surfaced new opportunities to improve performance and drive greater efficiencies from their Instagram and Facebook ad campaigns.  

With Optily’s support squad readily available to address any questions around the strategy, this proved useful to HueGah Home to further optimize elements of the ad strategy.

Day 8: HueGah Home could easily analyze the performance improvements of the daily budget optimizations. While reducing ad spend was not the original goal, achieving more than double the sales sets the team up for rapid scale. 

The results and service led to a 5* review of Optily shared with industry peers.

Step 1 Install App

How it started

ROAS plateau and costs increasing

Step 6 Increase Sales

How day 7 ended

Sales more than doubled with costs reducing

Optily helped HueGah Home reduce their acquisition costs by 26% on Facebook with intuitive software built for Shopify.

Features used


Optily combines attribution data from ad channels and Shopify providing valuable analytics on customer journey performance.


Opportunities to improve ad spend efficiency are surfaced on a daily basis, directly within your Shopify back-office.


Recommendations, backed up with data, can be instantly instantly actioned to save time navigating between ad accounts.


Optily enables you to maximize the ROI from your ad spend with daily alerts on the biggest opportunities to gain.


Optily has partnered with Clearco to provide you with financial tools to grow your business.

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