Enticing Product Descriptions That Convert

Enticing Product Descriptions That Convert
Learn how to write persuasive, search-optimized product descriptions that convert even casual browsers on your eCommerce store, with these 5 expert tips!

Writing clear, high quality, research-based product descriptions can be the decider when it comes to converting a sale.

Enticing descriptions are ones which talk directly to the consumer, explain the product clearly and provide all necessary details.

However, most businesses slip up by only including information that simply describes their item! If you simply write down the details of a product you aren’t showing your customers why they should be your product specifically. What’s your USP?

Poor product descriptions results in lower conversions, meaning less sales for your business.

While a bad description can potentially lose your business sales, all hope is not lost.

By incorporating these simple yet powerful tips, you can easily turn that bad description into a persuasive high-converting product description!

Let’s see how. 🚀

What are Product Descriptions?

First things first, what is a product description? Whether you’re genuinely new to the concept and want to learn or you’re a seasoned marketer, it’s always good to define what we’re talking about. That way we know exactly what we want to improve.

A product description is the copy which describes the features, benefits, and common uses of a product to a customer.

The goal of this description is to compel customers to want to buy the product right there and then.

It should be easy to read and include sensory details…consumers should be able to imagine holding, wearing, smelling, and using your product just by reading your description.

Creating Enticing Product Descriptions

To write enticing product descriptions, you must learn how to write detailed and creative copy for your products.

Your product description is the final point of contact between you and your customer in the conversion funnel. Make your last words the best and really sell your product!

Inspire your customer with a well-written description before they click on that CTA to buy.

How can you inspire your customers with persuasive, search-optimized product descriptions? Follow these 5 expert tips to create product description that convert! 📈

Product description writing illustration

#1 – Know Your Customer

To persuade a customer, you need to know the customer.

If you don’t know the person who will buy your product, you don’t know what information to include or leave out.

If you know the customer’s wants, needs and pain-points you can address them in the product description. By doing this you are speaking directly to the customer, securing in their mind that you are providing a proper solution to their problem.

Try to answer some of the following questions along with a description of your product:

  • What do customers gain from using your product?
  • What’s your USP?
  • What problem does your product solve and how does it solve it?
  • Why are you different from the rest of the market?

Write copy that grabs your customer’s attention every single time!

#2 – Be Clear and Detailed

Writing an easy-to-read and concise description is essential, however, you need to provide all the necessary details for your customer.

So pack the paragraph with all the relevant details including:

  • Sizing Information (with an explanatory guide if it’s clothes!)
  • Color
  • Quantity available/In stock
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Material
  • Delivery Costs
  • Any other relevant details

This section doesn’t have to be incredibly wordy, correct and accurate information is all you need. Many eCommerce stores use drop down menus with product information so that the screen isn’t cluttered.

One of our favorite product descriptions is from a customer of ours, Image Wash Products. The description is clear, accurate and tells a story about the product!

#3 – Be Unique!

Please write your own copy. Customers are this far down your business’s funnel because your messages resonate with them. You don’t want to ruin it at the last step by using manufacturer’s product descriptions.

By producing your own copy, you also avoid being penalized by Google’s algorithm for plagiarism or “thin content”.

Include all the details previously discussed, while also showing some flair and boasting your USP.

Using words that your buyer persona would use, will help you more closely connect with your audience.

Expert Tip: Let consumers know why you made this product! By letting them know what inspired you to make the product can help inspire them to purchase.

#4 – Optimize with SEO

Detailed and unique product descriptions are crucial for SEO and helping you rank highly in search engines.

As well as getting you that initial sale, it will help you get your product in front of more potential customers to convert even more sales! The more specific your keywords are, the easier it makes it to rank for them.

There are certain strategies to use to help boost your product SEO:

  • Include keywords in the product titles
  • Use high-quality professional photos that show all aspects of your product
  • Quality keywords over quantity

An example of an over-optimized description would be;

This incredible single-click ad optimizer guarantees 100% ad optimization with just a single click. If you are looking to truly optimize your ads in a single click then you’re in the right place. Check out our incredible and unique single-click ad optimizer today!”

Wouldn’t you be much more likely to click;

“Do you want to maximize and optimize your ROAS, while growing your online sales? Check out The Only eCommerce Single-Click Ad Spend Optimizer today.”

SEO doesn’t just happen in your product descriptions though, it should be site-wide. Read our Complete Guide To eCommerce SEO to learn more.

#5 – Make it Easy to Scan

People are designed to be scanners these days. We’re all so busy, we don’t have time to be reading your fully-optimized description that you worked for hours and hours on to make perfect…

Unfortunately this is the sad truth for us marketers. By making your descriptions scannable customers can receive the necessary information quickly so they can decide if they want to read more or purchase immediately.

To make your product description scannable you have to be smart with your design. Try some of these formatting tips to help:

  • Do not use jargon
  • Use short and snappy sentences
  • Include plenty of white space
  • Bullet point the more technical information


In summary, your product description sits on your product page and is the final touch point in your conversion funnel. It is essential to get right and following these expert tips will help you do just that.

Writing a persuasive product descriptions requires creativity, accuracy and testing. But we know you can do it!

Oh and one last thing… SPELL CHECK YOUR COPY! There’s nothing worse than a misspelled sentense 😉

Do you have any tips on writing enticing product descriptions that convert? Do you A/B test your descriptions?

Let us and other readers know on our social media!

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