Nora Sudduth: Audio Content for Growth

Private podcasting is a powerful yet very underutilized medium for brands. Nora Sudduth of HelloAudio introduced us to some tactics for success with audio.

As we return to going out in the post-Covid world, we’re much less attached to our screens. While we’re on the go, Nora Sudduth, Co-Founder and CRO of HelloAudio, argues that podcasting starts to make a lot more sense for brands. Private podcasting is also especially powerful since you can release it to targeted audiences, as opposed to the general public.

The key point that came out in our conversation was that audio was one of the most underutilized channels. While many brands do dabble with audio ads on platforms like Spotify, there aren’t that many that are putting out their own long-form audio content. While it can sound daunting to add another channel and medium into your content mix, Nora also goes into how it can be simplified with a tool like HelloAudio.

In last week’s conversation, the main points we covered off were:

  • How public and a private podcast differ
  • The ways a private podcast can help a brand with internal and external comms
  • How to make creating a podcast easier for busy marketers

If you’re short on time, take a peak at the teaser below and look over the highlighted points in our summary. Otherwise, if you have 23 minutes, I highly recommend listening to the full episode.




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Public vs. Private Podcasts

The first thing we needed to clear up was what exactly a private podcast is. As opposed to public ones, like Optily Radio, that are released to the whole world, private podcasts are locked and can only be accessed through a direct link. 

By having private podcasts, you’re able to release specific content to your audience and get much more granular insights. For example, if you sell candles you can include a QR code on your products to give all your customers who have bought a particular scent a complementary meditation podcast. This enables you to do some A/B testing on your content to see which audience is most receptive.

Private podcasting for internal and external comms

Communication is truly multi-channel and why not explore audio as an additional one? Rather than have product releases through just your newsletter, an exciting audio announcement might convey much more personality about your brand. 

As well as using podcasts for external promotion, consider the impact a personalized message from the CEO can have to new hires or contractors in your company. Employees can listen to these recordings on-the-go, as opposed to reading manuals or watching on-boarding videos. 

Making podcasts easy

Bringing in another channel probably sounds like a lot of extra work for your already busy marketing team. But it doesn’t have to be. A solution like HelloAudio takes a lot of the manual work out of editing and cleaning up audio. 

This makes it easy for someone to record on their phone in their car without any fancy equipment. By democratizing audio in this way, it makes it much more accessible to any of the thought leaders in your company to put together a voice message for customers, internal teams, or partners.

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