Giving you the Edge: Shopify Store Backlinks

Shopify Store Backlinks
Shopify backlinks are the key to securing the #1 spot on the search engine results page for your Shopify store. Find out how today!

Shopify Store Backlinks

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential aspect of your Shopify store that you have to get right in order to grow. As we spoke about in “The Ultimate Shopify SEO Guide for 2022,” a major part of SEO is backlinking!

Backlinks should be an integral part of your off-site SEO strategy which this article will help you to develop. Shopify store backlinks will show the search engine that your business is reputable and contributing positively to the internet world. As a result, your Shopify store will rank higher and be seen by more people.

Despite backlinking being so important, it seems many businesses completely overlook the concept. A recent survey by Backlinko-BuzzSumo showed that 95% of all pages (out of 11.8 million surveyed) have ZERO backlinks! They also found that of 912 million blog posts,  94% had zero backlinks… if you need help growing out your content have a read of the article, “Growing your Shopify Store with Content Marketing.”

Quality backlinks can help you to outperform all of your competitors and allow your Shopify store to shine.

So, let’s find out how you can optimize your Shopify backlinks right away!

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What are backlinks?

Backlinks, also known as inbound links, are just like any other type of link. However, they are specifically external links that point back to your website.

Backlinks allow you to grow your Shopify business by getting more eyes on your shop. 

This happens because of the way search engines crawl websites for result page rankings. The search engine will determine what pages best match a user’s query through the content on the page (keywords) and virtual recommendations from other pages (backlinks).

As a result, the more high-quality backlinks your Shopify store has the more likely the search engine is going to recommend your page as a high-up result for a consumer. I want to stress the importance of quality backlinks! Therefore, it’s important you are receiving backlinks from trustworthy websites or else your links will be flagged as spammy and the whole concept falls apart.

Shopify Backlinks Strategy Guide

Now that you know that backlinks are essential because they tell search engines that your website is authentic and credible, it’s time to look at strategy.

What’s the best way to improve backlinks for Shopify? We’re going to walk through 5 tips on how you can improve your backlinks and grow your Shopify store!

#1 – Guest Posting

Firstly, guest posting is one of the most common methods of getting high-quality and relevant backlinks. Guest posting is great for everyone as it allows you to get backlinks for your Shopify store and the blog you’re posting on gets quality content from an industry insider. 

Many blogs offer the opportunity to guest post, or you can reach out to a blog that’s relevant to your particular area or niche.

Above all, the more relevant blogs that your link appears on, the more valuable the backlinks are to your business!

#2 – External Reviews

Similar to guest blogging, another well-known technique to get great backlinks is having influencers or bloggers review your products. 
Again, it’s important here to interact with influencers/bloggers in your particular market. This approach will not only get you amazing backlinks but when the influencer/blogger posts about your business they’ll be posting it to an audience that is interested in your industry. Lots of potential customers!

#3 – Share Quality Content

Next, a key concept you need to get right is producing engaging and value-driven content. If your business is providing your customer with value then you’re already doing something right.

Creating content that’s impossible not to share whether in written, visual, video, or audio form is the number one best marketing technique!

For instance, great content will be shared by influencers, bloggers, other businesses, and other people earning you a score of backlinks.

#4 – Manufacturer Links

Furthermore, an easy way to get quality backlinks is simply by asking your manufacturer to list you on their website. Many eCommerce Shopify stores sell products from different suppliers so this can be a nice way to get a backlink.

For example, you can start this process by displaying the brand logos of products that you sell and then reaching out to see if the manufacturer will list you on their directory.

#5 – Comment on Blogs

Finally, you’ll want to get active and engage with your community, be that on Instagram, Reddit, blogs, or wherever else.

Sharing valuable insights in the comment section of these platforms can allow you to start a conversation with potential customers and become an active member of the community. 

Don’t just comment your website’s name for a backlink. Instead, provide answers to questions and be genuine with consumers, then the opportunity may appear to leave a link to your website. However, be careful on some channels (looking at you Reddit) where being overly pushy can result in a ban.


Summing up, building high-quality backlinks is essential for your Shopify business and you should work on it every day. Due to the fact that some of your competitors aren’t working on growing their backlinks, you have a massive opportunity to claim that coveted #1 spot on the search engine results page!

Another way to build an online presence for your Shopify store is through paid media. This is where Optily can help your business shine! Optily is a revolution in digital ad spend management. Optily can supercharge your advertising across the entire online ad world to achieve incredible ROAS and grow your Shopify brand.

Combining a strong SEO campaign with an optimized advertising campaign is essential for all Shopify store owners!

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