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3 Ways Automation Will Help Scale your Online Sales for Shopify

3 Ways Automation Will Help Scale your Online Sales
Automation allows for the improved performance and productivity necessary for your business as it scales. Implement these 3 expert tips right now!

Unlike the robot above, or little Optibot saying “hello 🤖” in the bottom of your screen, we are all humans.

Being human gives us the unique ability to be endlessly creative, inspiring, and do amazing things each and every day. However, sometimes there are just too many things to do and we become overloaded with work.

In the business world, companies are constantly scaling and growing so fast that you might get left behind if you don’t keep up. But if you’re already overworked and under time pressure how do you do this effectively?

The key is automation.

Automation allows you to focus your precious time on more important jobs, while passing off the lower-level duties to an automation tool. This frees up your time and allows your business to grow! It can boost customer engagement, increase revenue, produce better ROAS, and allow long-term business growth.

In this guide, we’ll discuss high-quality effective methods to scale your online sales with automation!

Why is Automation the Key?

Scaling your business is an integral part of what makes it a success. Scaling means that your business has the resources and capital to increase sales, and, therefore, the capability to expand processes across all business departments. If you can scale your business, then you can continue to impress investors, generate profits, and run a sustainable company. Scaling is a major goal for all companies. Automation is a major tool making scalability highly achievable. It essentially allows you to provide more services to your customers without needing to hire more staff. Automation strategy can be broad and encompass many areas of your business. Some examples include:

  • Ad Automation
  • Chatbots
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Posting
  • Accounting

By implementing a correct automation plan you can get the right customers, at the right time, to the right place. Once the customers are at the correct location of the sales funnel, your team can then step in and convert that customer into a sale. Automation provides more precise computer algorithmic knowledge to your repetitive tasks with the end goal of scaling your business. Giving some of your business over to automation and allowing technology to remove some of the pressure from your drained resources will do wonders for your growth!

3 Ways Automation will Scale your Online Sales for Shopify

Now that you’re convinced you need to include automation in your growth strategy, it’s time to find out how.

As we’ve discussed, automation can be used in a range of ways across your entire business. As you can tell this blog is all about saving you time to run your business more effectively. That’s why we won’t take up your day with a 10 page blog. Just read our top 3 ways to use automation across your business to scale your online sales!

Quick, easy, simple… Just like automation.

Ad Automation

Advertising or marketing automation is one of the most effective methods to quickly scale your business. The ad automation technology will create and manage the repetitive tasks that marketers know so well, such as ad campaigns, tracking, lead generation, ad spend etc.

Nowadays, ad optimizing technologies like Optily boast hundreds of percentage points of ROAS growth in just a number of weeks for eCommerce businesses!

Advertising automation can save your business time, money, while improving your marketing efficiency.

The best way to add it to your strategy is to talk to your marketing team and figure out what tasks could be automated.

Recently, Jon Kagan of 9rooftops said on Optily Radio that the best businesses “find the happy middle ground of how much do they let the AI do the work vs. how much do they let human intervention do the work, and let the automation do the execution.”

To find that harmony of automation balance, you could try a free 14-day trial of Optily’s eCommerce Single-click Ad Spend Optimizer.

Customer Service Automation

The hard truth is that no matter how good your product is, if you have poor customer care, no one will want to buy from you.

But if you are a business owner without a spare minute, how it is still possible to actively engage with customers on a one-to-one level in a timely manner? Customer service automation is how.

In the article, 5 Ways to Improve your CRO Immediately, we discussed the power of using live chat software. This technology allows you to actively engage with your website visitors in real-time. This tool allows you to consistently communicate with your potential customers and provide them with the required information. It can also be used to schedule a demo with someone in your team, to provide human-to-human interaction and answer any more detailed queries.

Data Automation

Optimizing and automating your data handling is essential to run a smooth and efficient business. When you are considering scaling your business you need to ensure the your data management system can scale with it. An eCommerce business’s worst nightmare would be taking in more sales, but losing and forgetting about customers due to poor data management. As your business scales, you’ll (hopefully!) have a lot more customers to track, so automating your business process to helps you track their data is vital.

Automation software is fantastic for this type of situation and will allow you to properly handle and store all relevant data including:

  • Customer Tracking
  • Ad Tracking
  • Stock & Order Tracking
  • Financial Tracking


We all want to grow our eCommerce businesses and take on more and  more customers. However, to do this we need to be able to scale efficiently and effectively!

Automation is a tool that businesses of all sizes can avail of to boost many parts of their business. From ads, to accounting, to data we can use these tools to automatically perform tasks for our business.

It can allow you to focus on more important business decisions and free up time to be more creative and bold.

Now that you’ve read this blog and are ready to start automating your business, you’ve made time for the important things… like that coffee you’ve been waiting for… go on, you deserve it! ☕


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