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5 Inspiring Cross-Channel eCommerce Campaigns to Follow

Examples of Cross-Channel eCommerce Campaigns to Follow
These inspiring cross-channel eCommerce campaigns will teach you how to create a strong cross-channel campaign for your eCommerce business!

Inspiring Cross-Channel eCommerce Marketing Campaigns

Building out a new cross-channel eCommerce marketing campaign from scratch can be quite daunting for Shopify store owners. Inspiration helps. We’ve gathered some examples you can look to when you need a template to follow.

These cross-channel marketing campaigns were specifically selected to showcase innovative techniques that you can apply to grow your eCommerce store.

Nowadays, there are more ways than ever for customers to engage with your brand: from social media to search engines, blog posts to TikTok videos the list goes on and on.

90% of consumers say that they prefer consistent and seamless interactions across all channels with a business!

New channels of communication with your customers bring fantastic new conversion opportunities, but only if you take advantage of the opportunity properly.

To do this you need to master cross-channel marketing for your Shopify store. If you do this, you will create a seamless transition between all channels and ensure you have the highest probability of converting new and old customers.

Today, we’re going to look at examples of truly exceptional and inspiring cross-channel eCommerce marketing campaigns that you can use to build out your very own campaign.

We’ll see what techniques worked so that you can mimic them and grow your eCommerce business!

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What is cross-channel eCommerce marketing?

Cross-channel marketing, sometimes known as omnichannel market, is an advanced marketing strategy that is used by successful eCommerce businesses. It involves utilizing multiple marketing channels to communicate with customers to entice them to buy your product or service. By making several marketing channels work together, businesses can create a smooth buyer’s journey to increase their conversion rate.

Examples of different marketing channels are:

  • Social Media marketing
  • Search Engine advertising
  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • TV marketing

The goal of every cross-channel marketing campaign is to tell the same brand story to your target audience across multiple channels.

5 Inspiring Cross-Channel eCommerce Marketing Campaign Examples

#1 – Under Armour

Under Armour is a giant eCommerce store and a major player in the fitness world. They are a fantastic example of what a company can achieve with a strong cross-channel marketing campaign.

Connecting Influencer Marketing with Social Media & Email Marketing

The company constantly beefs up its social media with an influencer marketing campaign from role model athletes, such as Dwayne Johnson, alongside search engine ads focusing on fitness-based keywords. The UA Shop provides a lifestyle-based custom shopping app creating a unique experience for its online shopper and the company also hosts the MyFitnessPal app for like-minded customers to engage and socialize. Signing up to their app provides the company with an opportunity to follow up with email marketing thereafter.

As you can see Under Armour is active in many different channels across the online world and is a fantastic example of an eCommerce marketing campaign that you can follow and replicate. 

Ok maybe, you won’t be able to nab The Rock for your first influencer campaign but you can certainly apply the same tactic of using influencers to boost social media for your eCommerce store.

Under Armour cross-channel marketing campaign
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as an Under Armour Celebrity Endorser

#2 – Topshop

Topshop, recently acquired by ASOS, is a UK-based fashion company that in 2015 won the digital marketing campaign of the year. This honor was awarded to them for their innovative use of digital billboards throughout the UK during London Fashion Week.

Connecting Social Media with Billboard Ads

The company synced the billboard advertisements with its Twitter newsfeed. When Topshop followers used the hashtag #LFW, the billboard would display their tweet linked with a relevant item from the Topshop catalog.

The smartest part of their cross-channel marketing campaign? The billboards were all placed within ten minutes of the company stores. This meant that anyone who saw the ad would immediately see the shop and could walk in.

Your eCommerce store could consider a similar smaller-scale project, using hashtags that are related to your business and getting them trending on social media!

Topshop cross-channel marketing campaign

#3 – Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is a fantastic example of a business that leveraged cross-channel marketing campaigns to disrupt the grooming industry.

Connecting Customer Reviews with Social Media

Dollar Shave Club was able to craft a message that truly connected with its customer and created a community of people that is constantly engaging with them. To strengthen their social media when a customers posts about the brand on Instagram or Facebook, Dollar Shave Club share their favorite posts and rewards the customer with merchandising.

As well as social media, Dollar Shave Club utilized the power of word-of-mouth to great effect. They famously advertised on many major podcasts around the time when podcasts were really blowing up in popularity.

They leveraged all forms of digital advertising to talk to their target customers with relevant content.

The idea of using customer reviews and showcasing them on your social media is great! Not only will it increase your brand awareness by spreading positive genuine reviews, but it also engages customers as they have an incentive to leave a review to be in with a chance of getting free products.

#4 – Amazon

Amazon is truly the king of seamless cross-channel eCommerce marketing campaigns.

Connecting Mobile and Web experiences seamlessly

Have you noticed that your experience on the mobile app and the Amazon website are almost identical?

The company’s app and website automatically sync users’ carts cross-platform. This provides a smooth buying experience and increases the company’s conversion rate dramatically. This process keeps customers moving along the funnel to the goal of ultimately converting them.

I really think that Amazon’s profits here truly speak for themselves and the power of cross-channel marketing.

You can learn from Amazon by ensuring that your eCommerce store is perfectly integrated for both desktop and mobile to enhance your customer’s buying experience.

Amazon cross-channel marketing

#5 – Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is bringing back brick-and-mortar bookstores through innovative eCommerce marketing campaigns.

Connecting real-world buying experiences to the online world

The company provides the traditional bookstore experience online. Whether you access their products through their Nook app, their website, or their physical store, you’ll have an identical experience.

The company is incredible at curating an in-store cafe experience in an eCommerce world. They do this by having the same message, content and look across all of their channels of communication.

Their Nook product is as close to a book as you can get digitally with crisp paper-like pages and an immersive experience.

You can learn from this campaign by going back to the essence of what your customer is looking for with your product. Barnes & Noble is a prime example of how a genuine product sells well online and that there is always a way to revamp your business to keep up with the times.

Ready to crush your Cross-Channel eCommerce campaign?

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Although these examples of cross-channel eCommerce marketing campaigns showcase large companies, the lessons in this blog can be applied to businesses of all sizes. Success in cross-channel marketing comes from being consistent and interactive with your audience across all available channels.

I hope that you can learn something from the success stories outlined here and apply it to your eCommerce business.

By utilizing these tips and tactics you can tap into the power of cross-marketing to reach more customers and hopefully convert even more customers.

Until next week! 👋

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