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Brendan Hughes on Funnels & Attribution

Last week we launched the Optily Radio podcast 🎉
The very first episode of the show had Brendan Hughes, Optily’s CEO, on as our guest to chat about eCommerce marketing tactics. But before we get into the meat of the discussion we had, I just wanted to give a bit of background on why we started Optily Radio in the first place.

If you want to skip to the good stuff, just scroll down to the player or check out the teaser video. 😉

What’s the story with Optily Radio: Accelerate eCommerce Marketing?

2020 has been a wild year for everyone, but especially for eCommerce businesses. Because of the pandemic, tons of companies worldwide had to shift to online sales to make it through. As a result, there are a lot of newcomers to the field.

This podcast, subtitled Accelerate eCommerce Marketing, is here to provide resources for both newcomers to the field and also established small businesses who need to scale their online marketing in order to grow their business. The experts we have on this show will focus their attention on boiling down big market trends and tactics from larger enterprise-level companies to practical suggestions for SMBs.

From structuring your overall marketing strategy to tools available on Google, from launching Facebook Shops to ensuring you’ve got the best Shopify plugins–Optily Radio will cover off everything you need in order to grow your online business fast!

Now that I’ve laid the groundwork, let’s give you a taster of the chat I had with Brendan. And if you want to skip all these words, then just have a listen below 👇


He gives an overview of some of the key points and how to apply them, but the book really gets at the meat of the structure and will serve as a powerful guide for marketers and business owners alike. So be sure to add your email to the waitlist for Brendan’s free eBook: Accelerate eCommerce Growth with Digital Advertising.

Download your copy here

Optily Radio is available on:

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