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Can AdEspresso make cross-channel ad optimization recommendations?

Can AdEspresso make cross-channel ad optimization recommendations?
Small marketing departments are under more and more pressure to expand on a growing number of channels, juggling multiple campaigns across each. Can AdEspresso make cross-channel optimization easier on your team?

It’s almost impossible to keep up with the growing list of tasks we have today as digital marketers, so we need to rely on tools to help us. But before we commit the time and money needed to get going with a certain platform, we need to know if it will be truly worth the investment.

Many software solutions are currently on the market with a variety of features. AdEspresso, by Hootsuite, is a big player in this sector, but can it help marketers by making cross-channel ad optimization recommendations?

From our experience with the platform, no. It is a multi-faceted marketing technology, but it’s only able to optimize for Facebook campaigns. 

Only Facebook means you’re missing out on Google Search, Video, Display, and Shopping. Sure, you can run these channels outside of AdEspresso or you can simply optimize them all, including the entire suite of Facebook offerings, using Optily.

Optily instantly compares Facebook and Google campaigns, which include Instagram and Youtube, against each other and allows you to apply recommendations straight from the platform.

Optily’s Ranked Recommendations

Marketing is complicated and so is optimization. So when you’re comparing cross-channel campaigns, you may be looking at more than just one metric. The Optily team recently developed a ranked recommendation system that allows users to choose multiple goals, rather than just one.

Our algorithm will then take these goals into account and assign a weighting to each. This enables even more precision when it generates recommendations on how best to allocate your ad spend.

You might say we’ve optimized optimization!

With Optily, you can:

  1. Sign up and link your Google and Facebook Ads in less than 90 seconds
  2. Choose the campaigns and see them automatically organized into a funnel strategy (that you can rearrange easily)
  3. View your recommendations instantly and apply them with one click (or automate an optimization for even faster results)

We’ve worked with Image Wash Products on optimizing their campaigns across Facebook and Google, resulting in a 169% increase in ROAS over just two weeks!

Coincidentally, that’s exactly how long our free trial lasts! We’re so sure you’ll love the impact Optily has on your returns, we won’t even ask for a credit card when you sign up.

So, what’s the holdup? Come try it out yourself, free for 14 days, or hop on a quick call with one of our Strategy Squad experts and we’ll get you up and running in a few short minutes.

No credit card required

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