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Giving You The Edge: Remarketing After Black Friday

Giving you the Edge: Remarketing after Black Friday
These are 5 easily implemented remarketing tactics to turn your Black Friday traffic into an incredibly successful 2021 holiday season!

Remarketing your business after Black Friday to carry the success into the holiday session.

Yes, you probably can’t believe it. Another Black Friday blog!

Well, there’s a reason that the Black Friday weekend is the biggest weekend of the year for eCommerce.

If you’re sick of hearing the words “Black Friday”, fantastic! That means you’ve already read the articles 4 Incredible Tips to Help you Prepare for Black Friday 2021 and 8 Last-Minute Black Friday Optimization Tips, and had an incredibly successful week.

But your work isn’t done yet. 

Now that you’ve had a successful Black Friday and brought many new customers to your business it’s time to remarket! By doing so, you’ll carry the momentum and traffic you’ve created over the last month into the holiday season.

Let’s find out how.

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What is Remarketing?

Remarketing (or retargeting) is a common and powerful digital marketing tactic. in which

Black Friday usually brings with it an increased influx of visitors to your website. Remarketing is when you target specific personalized ads to the consumers who have visited your website. These may have been visitors who converted into customers and you wish to upsell or visitors who did not convert.

This is an effective way to narrow down your target audience and advertise to people who have already shown interest in your business.

Google Ads is a very popular remarketing tool at the moment, along with Facebook Ads.

5 Tactics to Remarketing After Black Friday Sales

Tactic #1 - Cart Abandonment Emails

Everyone is looking for the best deals on Black Friday. Many customers will add items that they are interested in to their cart but then leave to explore other offers. Sometimes, their cart on your store gets forgotten about.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want the product. Perhaps they were frustrated with the craze of Black Friday weekend, or maybe they found one product at a better price but forgot about the other product.

Sending cart abandonment emails in the days after Black Friday can catch and convert leads that are still warm.

Remarketing Black Friday Cart Abandonment

Tactic #2 - Back in Stock Notifications

Quick! Stock availability is running low!

Black Friday 2020 brought in $14.13 billion in online sales. That’s a crazy amount of products! And although we prepare diligently, sometimes, we underestimate sales and run out of popular products.

While this can be annoying for customers as they were unable to secure the Black Friday deal, it also provides a fantastic remarketing opportunity. 

Follow up with interested customers by letting them know now that the products they wanted are back in stock.

You can even extend a similar offer to help entice them to buy for the holiday season.

Tactic #3 - Reactivate Previous Holiday Customers

Whether it’s your first year in business or you’re a seasoned-seasonal business extraordinaire, now that Black Friday is over you should have some previous shoppers. 

You can now remarket to these shoppers as you know that they are interested in your store. 

Perhaps they didn’t buy from you this year, or maybe they did and you want to try your hand at up-selling or cross-selling. 

The fact that you know what they previously bought makes it easier to tailor a personalized gift package for them.

Try out bundled-remarketing with this blog, Giving you the Edge: Email Marketing.

Tactic #4 - Release New Products After Black Friday

Black Friday is a brilliant way to sell old stock and new stock alike. However, a good tactic is saving a new collection until after the big day.

After providing your best deals of the year, you’ll have your audience’s keen attention and that is something you must use wisely.

Customers have shown that they are interested in your products and in a buying mood. Therefore, if you release a new line of products right after Black Friday you can convert even more sales. This time at full price too!

With Black Friday Week extending into December this year, people are going to be eager to grab deals for Christmas presents. That’s where you come in with a fantastic range of brand new products!

Tactic #5 - Recover Cancelled Orders

This tactic is similar to Tactic #1 – Cart Abandonment Emails. 

When a customer places an order but then cancels it shortly afterward, it’s usually because they found a better deal elsewhere. 

This is extremely annoying for you as an eCommerce business, but also a remarketing opportunity. By following up with the customer perhaps you can identify why they canceled the order. Effective tactics to try are:

  • If they found a better deal, offer them a larger personal discount.
  • They found that shipping was too expensive, then offer them free shipping.
  • If they felt they shopped too much, extend a time-limited discount offer.

Recovering even a small proportion of the canceled orders can save you time and money in the returns process.


There’s no denying that Black Friday is super important in the eCommerce world. However, it is only the start of a long and hopefully prosperous holiday season. 

Implementing these Black Friday remarketing tactics will allow you to carry the momentum forward into December and even beyond!

I hope the last month of 2021 is an exceptionally profitable one for you.

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