The Black Friday 2021 Toolkit Webinar

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Panelists from FactFinder, FordeBaker, Outfund & Optily give their expert advice on making the most of your online marketing ahead of this Black Friday and holiday season.

If you missed our recent webinar with our partners, we’ve got you covered. Discover the Black Friday tactics that will make sure your online store sees huge growth this holiday season!

Our expert panelists from Optily, Fact-Finder, FordeBaker, and Outfund went into detail on:

  • Conversion Rate Optimization tips for on-site success
  • Amazon golden rules for maximum sales velocity 
  • Revenue-based funding options for marketing and inventory

Make sure to also download the collaborative Black Friday 2021 Toolkit white paper, which explores these themes in more depth.

Expert tips for:

  • Social media and Search ads BFCM tactics
  • CRO to maximize checkouts
  • Amazon success
  • The pros and cons of revenue-based finance

Download The Black Friday 2021 Toolkit now!

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