How to get product reviews on Shopify?

How to Get Product Reviews on Shopify
Although no orders have been sold, our recommendations can still help you collect and show off the best customer reviews to boost sales.

Why do you need product reviews on your Shopify store?

Collecting customer product reviews on Shopify is a great way to communicate with potential new customers and gain their trust. Nearly every buyer reads customer reviews before making a purchasing decision. Your customers will be hesitant and suspicious if there are no product reviews.

Customer reviews have a significant influence on your bottom line. Let’s look at some of the different advantages that reviews might provide to help your business succeed.

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1. Build trust in the product and store

A single click is all it takes for shoppers to get their hands on almost anything they desire when they purchase online. However, the biggest disadvantage is that they cannot touch the product. As a result, customer reviews are the most reliable source for making purchase decisions. 

Positive reviews from previous customers give shoppers more confidence to buy, while negative reviews help buyers avoid purchasing bad or unsuitable products. More positive reviews mean more sales.

2. Boost sales

According to a Spiegel study, when product reviews appear, sales increase. It has the potential to increase revenues by up to 4 times, with a 67% increase in conversion rate for businesses that use it. 

A Bazaarvoice study shows that more than 200 product reviews may boost sales by 44%. The average increase in sales from a single product review is 10%.

In addition, it is necessary to provide reviews in a visually appealing way to attract customers and get more sales, which will be discussed in the next steps.

3. Improve your Google rankings

Star ratings and reviews can also assist you to improve your Google search engine optimization efforts. A decent product reviews app is necessary for all of this.

Product reviews apps have a variety of advantages, including the ability to collect customer reviews fast, show them professionally, syndicate them to Google Shopping, display their organic Google search results, and more.

How to get product reviews on your Shopify store?

Given the importance of customer reviews, we’re sure you’re eager to start collecting and adding them to your store as soon as possible. 

There are a variety of approaches for collecting customer reviews, ranging from traditional strategies to using cutting-edge technologies. You can either ask for a manual review from customers or automate the process and do it professionally. However, the easiest and most successful option is to use a Shopify product reviews app.

In the Shopify app store, a search for “product reviews” returns hundreds of results, all of which are review apps. All that’s left is for you to decide which one is best for you.

The product reviews app allows you to send review requests for fulfilled purchases through email and SMS. If you run a dropshipping business, you can even import reviews from AliExpress, eBay, and other sites in bulk using a single link.

The problem is that having too many apps to choose from may be exhausting and confusing. Here are the top five most popular review apps for your consideration. It includes both free and paid apps.

Best product reviews app for online store

You need a product review app for your online store, and you’re already on the right track.

Ali Reviews

Among the many review apps available, Ali Reviews by FireApps company is one of the best. This product review app has multiple features to collect customer reviews and effectively use them to generate revenue.

When you first start collecting reviews, set up an automated review request via email or SMS so that when an order is fulfilled, the system instantly sends a review request to your customers. Take advantage of Ali Reviews’s designer-made review request templates and layouts to boost open and response rates.

It’s easy to import AliExpress product reviews with Ali Reviews since you only need the product URL. The process of editing and customizing review elements is straightforward.

Furthermore, it also comes with roughly 9 different review widget styles to make your customer reviews stand out. It also includes features to personalize your customer reviews for a more personalized shopping experience. How interesting is that? Get on board and start adding customer reviews today.

Aside from a free 7-day trial, Ali Reviews also offers a free plan and a paid plan that starts at $9.99 per month.

2. Loox


When it comes to product review apps, it’s unthinkable not to mention the Loox app. Select from numerous features to collect the most effective photo and video reviews such as review request email, SMS, Aliexport, or Facebook messenger.

Using the Loox app, you can create customer incentives and referral programs that are simple to execute. Your store’s marketing activities can also be integrated with Google Analytics for better tracking results.

Free trials are available for 14 days, and paid subscriptions begin at $9.99 per month.

3. is one of the free apps on this list of the top Shopify product review apps, as we’re sure you’ve come to expect. The review app is available in two packages: free and $15 per month. It is simple to use and gets you engaged instantly. With a free plan, the ability to collect and display video reviews is a big draw.

You will receive unlimited reviews on This app includes in-email reviews, questions and answers (Q & A), and custom forms. Besides English, supports 34 languages for widgets and review request emails.


For displaying reviews that perfectly match your store’s brand identity, look no farther than, a terrific review solution. You may use this app to increase the social proof of your business. Some well-known companies, such as HBO, Colgate, Purple, and so on, have used it.

Use like any other application to collect reviews via email and SMS, Aliexport, and Facebook Messenger. For, its ability to block customers from using certain sensitive words sets it apart. You can use the NPS (net promoter score) feature to measure customer satisfaction. also has a loyalty and referral program, but it is different from the product review app. If you want to use both the product review app and the loyalty program, you’ll have to pay for two separate apps.

They offer a free 7-day trial, a free plan, or a paid subscription starting at $23 per month to get started.

5. Yotpo


At long last, Yotpo, one of the most widely used apps for collecting product reviews. In addition to being a review app, Yotpo is also a top-tier eCommerce marketing platform, supported by more than 100 agents.

In a bundle of valuable features, some of the main ones include automatic review requests via email and SMS, the ability to collect photo reviews and customer Q&A, and the ability to respond to customer questions. 

You can quickly boost brand visibility on search engines through keyword research by leveraging an official partnership between Yoypo and Google.

The app provides a free plan, and monthly subscriptions start at $15.

How to send product review request emails?

Requesting a review by email is always the first thing you need to do when you start. To quickly ask for a review, use the tools we talked about before.

Here’s an example of Ali Reviews.

Leverage appealing templates to boost the open and response rates of automated and manual review request emails.

How to get reviews for dropshipping stores?

Almost every review app allows you to import AliExpress reviews. Consider the number of reviews that can be imported at once when choosing the best AliExpress review import app. The more imports you have, the more time you save and the more glowing reviews you receive at the store. For instance, Ali Reviews allows you to import more than 500 reviews at a time. 

No sales yet? How do you get product reviews?

The fastest and easiest way to encourage customers to make purchases is through promotions. Shopify does not enable you to stack discount codes, which means that you’ll need to come up with a smart deal that will both increase sales and encourage customers to submit reviews: Deals for reviewers.

It’s possible to provide customers who post reviews a discount or free products. As a thank you for the reviewer’s feedback, it also boosts the number of happy customer reviews and motivates customers to purchase more.

You can use the promotion to get a percentage off, free shipping, or buy X and get Y. Don’t forget to use a product reviews app to automate the workflow.


We hope that the information we provide can help you understand the importance of customer reviews and the benefits that product review apps bring to your work.

If you just opened the store, you can use the free apps to try it out. After a while, when your store has grown strong, you can confidently upgrade to a powerful paid plan.

I wish you the best of luck with your business and the reviews your customers leave.


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