Automate and Optimize: Creating growth with Justuno & Optily

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In the constant effort of trying to drive sales and create growth for a brand, the marketer is often forced to make “wing and a prayer” tweaks and changes when trying to optimize their campaigns.

As the landscape of digital marketing evolves, Justuno and Optily have partnered to streamline and automate the sales funnel from start to finish; delivering the most effective ad campaign and sales funnel optimization in the e-commerce space.

Ad Spend Optimization

The tedious process of reviewing spreadsheets of data in order to optimize ads by hand is over. Optily’s platform automates this process with intelligent features such as the unification of cross-channel data, automated attribution, and instantly optimized ad spend budgets.

With just a few clicks, Optily automates and optimizes your campaign, it’s data, and it’s ad spend. By applying automated optimization, marketers have been able to spend much more time focused on the creative side of their efforts instead of spending hours reading through campaign managers and spreadsheets.

As difficult as it is to get the right attribution insights out of campaigns running across multiple platforms, this automated solution creates a much clearer prediction of success based on previous ad performance.

By unifying data from different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Youtube, Optily creates a powerful command center for the digital marketer. This dashboard makes it easy to view data from all campaigns at once, optimize individual campaigns, and make broad-strokes decisions in seconds.

On-Site AI Conversion Optimization

With more users on your site for less, you can begin optimizing their experience to increase conversions and average order value. 

Justuno’s conversion platform enables marketers to create engaging promotions from spin-to-wins and SMS opt-ins to exit offers, and more, all designed to turn more visitors into customers.

Using Justuno Plus, marketers can leverage AI-powered product recommendations to constantly personalize each visitor’s shopping experience leading to consistently higher order values, return on ad spend, and overall store revenue.

Justuno customers see an average revenue increase of 135% in their first year, coupled with an 8% increase in average order value.

As the rise of Big Data has put incredible pressure on marketers, Justuno’s marketing and sales analytics have become a sharp tool in the digital marketers arsenal. These advanced analytics have enabled users to track return on investment down to the penny with everything from promotion success and conversions to Justuno-attributed revenue insights.

Not only that, these promotion analytics help marketers identify optimization opportunities on both their web pages as well as their marketing funnel as a whole.

The Justuno – Optily Partnership

With Justuno and Optily, brands have been able to automate the bulk of their marketing optimization needs, freeing up marketers to do what they do best – be creative.

These almost self-improving marketing and sales funnels have not only resulted in nearly instant revenue growth for brands using this dynamic duo, but more importantly they have led to massive long term growth.

Optily’s automation of the more tedious parts of ad campaigns makes acquisition easy for marketers and they can be confident their newfound audiences are being directed to an optimized onsite experience that closes the loop from ads to website to conversion with Justuno’s advanced personalization platform. 

This partnership was created to automate the time-consuming aspects of optimization that marketers had to deal with while at the same time creating a foundation for brands to scale faster than before with a simplified and intelligent workflow from start to finish.

Justuno and Optily both offer a 14 day free trial so that you can try out these solutions together risk-free before you invest.

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