Book Review: Accelerate eCommerce Growth

Launching your ads is easier than ever before, yet somehow it seems like managing your ads keeps getting more and more complex. How can SMBs succeed in online advertising when the Big Guys don't always make it easy?

What can newspaper ads and the way people used to shop at Ye Olde Towne Centre in the early 1900s possibly have to do with how we selling and advertise online today? Well, a lot, actually.

These old-school marketing fundamentals are exactly what Brendan Hughes starts off with in his new book, Accelerate eCommerce Growth: A Proven Framework to Scaling Your eCommerce Business with Digital Advertising. Brendan boils down two decades worth of eCommerce, digital marketing, and business experience into a condensed format to help small online businesses scale with online marketing.

Essentially, while the how we sell has changed drastically, the why and who have pretty much stayed the same. Whether you’re selling corsets in the Victorian era or meme-inspired T-Shirts in 2021, you still need to convince people to buy your stuff.

Brendan goes into all three aspects and spells out a blueprint for success for eCommerce SMBs advertising online.

Optily Review

Title: Accelerate eCommerce Growth: A Proven Framework to Scaling Your eCommerce Business with Digital Advertising

Author: Brendan Hughes

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Nina’s thoughts: If your eCommerce store isn’t growing as well as you’d like, you would definitely benefit from this guidebook. The book is structured so that you can immediately go and implement bits from individual sections, with convenient checklists to follow at the end of each chapter.

It’s easy-to-read, with plenty of real-life examples from people Brendan has worked with in the past. This book is a great resource for small teams who need expert structure to their online advertising strategy.

Topics explored

Brendan goes into the fundamental pillars your business needs to have in place before launching huge ad campaigns to ensure you get the most out of your advertising. He then details the process of segmenting your ad approach into separate sections of the sales funnel–Inspire, Educate, and Convince–before covering off some of the difficulties with online advertising.

Some of the topics you can expect to get Brendan’s take on are:

  • His 5 pillars for success
  • Ins and outs of the sales funnel
  • Advertising to cold, warm, and hot audiences
  • Metrics and attribution
  • Optimization and automation

This is Brendan’s first book and is currently available on Amazon Kindle. As a brand new release, Brendan is keen to hear what you think. So please do make sure to leave a review for him after you’ve checked it out (and had tremendous success with your online sales!).

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