Introducing Optily: An Open Letter from our CEO

I’ve worked in eCommerce for a long time and I know how hard it can be to justify ad spend for all your various online channels. You need to spend hours sorting through mismatched data from different sources. Then you have to put these numbers together to make them easy to digest for your higher-ups. Honestly, it’s a huge headache for anyone in marketing and it’s exactly why we came up with the Optily solution.

Optily quickly connects your online ad accounts, analyzes the data from all your channels, and provides you with recommendations you can apply instantly. You don’t need to leave our platform at all; just click the “apply” button and you can move budgets from a campaign that’s not doing as well to a better one. We even have an “always apply” option that enables you to automate optimization recommendations, if and when you decide you want to take out yet another step!

Enterprise for the Little Guys

The big guys often just recommend you keep spending more and more with them, regardless of how your ads are performing. Funnel in more budget and you’ll get more clicks; more clicks will eventually mean more conversions. But who is looking out for your marketing spend and making sure you’re making the most of it?

Think about it. Can you remember the last time an ad platform or agency recommended you lower your ad spend? Here at Optily, we want to help you make the most of the advertising budget you have, not the one everyone else wishes you had.

We make saving you time and money our priority. Our team has decades of experience in AdTech, digital marketing, and eCommerce, so we know first-hand what it means to have to justify every dollar you spend. Optily’s algorithm syncs all of your campaigns together from Facebook, Instagram, Google Search and Display, and YouTube through Google Analytics and uses this integration as a single source of truth to get you clear attribution metrics. You can quickly see what’s working and exactly how they’re performing.

The best part about Optily is that it’s just a flat monthly rate. It doesn’t matter to us how much you’re spending per campaign, since we’re not taking a cut. Our recommendations are purely based on the data and what our algorithm shows is working out best for your marketing goals. Our incentive is when you love our product so much you tell all your friends about it!

14-day Free Trial

I’m confident that our easy-to-use online platform will enable you to quickly optimize your campaigns and free up your time. We’re offering a 14-day free trial with no credit card information required to sign up. You can see the results for yourself on your own live campaigns. What have you got to lose, except your wasted ad spend?

I wish you all a happy and healthy start of the new year. We’re all looking forward to sharing some amazing milestones with you all throughout the year as we kick off 2021 with the launch of Optily


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