The New Optily Shopify App is Live

The sales supercharger for your Shopify store is here!

The team has been hard at work putting together a solution for ad optimization that integrates into the Shopify back office. We’re proud to announce that the new Optily Shopify app is live and free to try for 2 weeks!

Shopify sales data can seamlessly integrate with Google and Meta Ads metrics for ultimate ad spend optimization. The Optily app makes it quick and easy for store owners to grow their ROAS. It frees up time spent manually calculating and managing budgets. Now teams will have more hours in the day to focus on other aspects of marketing to expand their business. 

Your FREE and unrestricted trial awaits

Head over to the Shopify app store to install Optily and begin your FREE trial of the full app experience. It takes just 90 seconds from installation to applying your first sales-supercharging recommendation. 

Optily's Main Features

The Optily app was built to supercharge your ads across Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube. By optimizing your ad spend with your existing budget, the app can help you make the most of every marketing dollar.

Instant Campaign Insights

By unifying your ad platform metrics from Google and Meta with your Shopify sales data, Optily unlocks insights into your various campaigns. With it as your single source of truth, you are able to easily identify which campaigns are working, change over time, and impact on sales.

Fast Ad Optimization

Optily provides daily recommendations to optimize your ad spend. Reallocate your budgets across campaigns with the click of a button.

Rapid Sales Growth

Optily was made to help store owners grow their sales quickly and efficiently. By cutting down the time you need to optimize your ads and enabling simple daily changes, you and your team have more hours in the day to focus on growing your business in other ways.

Simple, flat pricing

We’re all about saving you time and money, so we want to make sure you get to keep all your returns. Our pricing structure is simple: a flat monthly rate per platform. We don’t take a cut of your budget as you scale or spend more.

Our Starter plan for one platform, either Google or Meta, starts at $49 per month for the first 3 months, then $99. The Accelerate plan, which includes both platforms, is $99/month to start for 3 months, then $199 after that.

Tech and team

The great thing about Optily is its combination of tech and team. If at any point you’re stuck, need some advice on your campaigns, or are curious about marketing resources, our team of marketing experts is here to help. 

Get started for free today in just a few minutes from installation to applying your first recommendation!

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