TikTok Partners with Canva and Vimeo

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The new TikTok partnerships with Canva and Vimeo that were announced is not only great news for content creators for the platform, but for advertisers too.

Earlier this week, TikTok announced that it has partnered up with Canva and Vimeo. This move comes as the growing social media company recognized the need small business owners had for streamlining their advertising.

Each platform has its own unique parameters and requirements which add to the long hours already needed to set up and manage cross-channel campaigns. By partnering with the leading visual communications and design platforms, TikTok is opening the door to more SMBs creating content for the new platform.

How can these TikTok partners help me?

If you’ve been apprehensive about adding yet another channel to your mix, you might have an easier time creating and running ads on TikTok. It’s an incredible channel that has just surpassed Facebook for most downloaded app!

With TikTok partners like Vimeo create or Canva, you can quickly launch an ad using one of their premade templates (they’ve got over 50 of them!). Or if you’re already using Canva for your Instagram ads, for example, you can quickly reformat them slightly and export them right to your TikTok Ad Manager with the “Publish End Points” tool.

So, if you’ve been waiting for a good time to dive into TikTok ads, this might be the time. It’s just enough time before the holiday season to give yourself and your team enough time to get used to the unique feel of this busy platform.

And if you’re still looking for some help on TikTok ads, overall marketing mix, and planning your online ad strategy, reach out to the Optily+ team.

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