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Audio Content for Growth: Leveraging podcasts to scale online with Nora Sudduth

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Audio Content for Growth: Leveraging podcasts to scale online with Nora Sudduth

Have you thought about tapping into audio for promoting your brand both internally and externally? This week’s guest, Nora Sudduth, goes into private podcasting and how it can help grow your business.

Nora Sudduth is the Co-founder and CRO of Hello Audio, a company that turns your content into private audio feeds that your customers can listen to any time, anywhere. She is a leading marketing and conversion strategist who has helped businesses sell over $500M worth of products and services online. She’s also designed several courses and coaching and certification programs that have generated millions more.

In addition to being our CEO, Brendan Hughes has authored a book on helping eCommerce companies grow through digital marketing and has worked with a variety of businesses in helping them scale through online strategies.

The highlights from our conversation are:

  • Why is audio a powerful tool for brands
  • The difference between public and private podcasts
  • Ways for companies to easily launch podcast content

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