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Customer Service as Marketing: Increasing CRO and customer loyalty with Mia Bobak

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Customer Service as Marketing: Increasing CRO and customer loyalty with Mia Bobak

Is customer service part of a company’s brand or marketing? Mia Bobak says it’s both.

How you approach the pre-purchase interactions is so critical to a customer’s purchase decision. And if there are any issues after they buy, how you go about resolving them can be the deciding factor between a brand evangelist and a 1-star reviewer.

Mia Bobak is the Technology Partner Manager at Gorgias, where she collaborates with tech partners to strengthen “better together” relationships and achieve joint goals. Prior to Gorgias, Mia has experience building and scaling partner programs from the ground up.

Adam Vaira, Optily’s Client Strategy Consultant and Shopify store owner, joined to share his own insights from helping online businesses scale over the years. 

Among the topics we discussed were:

  • Turning your customer support into a profit center
  • How to leverage automation most effectively to grow sales
  • Efficiently tying together cross-channel inquiries



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  • OLIPOP Case Study

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