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Building Customer Personas: Expanding on demographics with mindtyping

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Building Customer Personas: Expanding on demographics with mindtyping

Do you truly understand your customers? A/B testing can only get us so far and doesn’t provide insight into the “why” behind their preferences.

This week’s episode goes into the fascinating approach to creating customer personas based on mindtyping. Charles Chy is the CEO of MindCart AI, a startup that’s building upon the cutting-edge technology developed by Dr. Howard Moskowitz for a whole swatch of industries with huge success.

Charles Chy is the CEO of MindCart AI, a consumer insights platform built for B2C marketers who crave a deep, fundamental understanding of their customers. He’s also an advisor for Cheffe Inc, a smart cooking platform that provides guided recipes powered by AI, and is also an advisor for Soltech Solutions, an eCommerce company that specializes in plant lights for interior design.

Kevin Stagg is our Marketing and Customer Director here at Optily. He’s got nearly 20 years of experience working with both B2C and B2B brands, big and small, including international companies like Microsoft and Ding.

In this episode, we covered off topics including:

  • The difficulties in striking the messaging fit for new companies
  • Quantifying the consumer’s thinking and mindset through testing
  • Testing the market before you enter the market


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