Funding your eCommerce Marketing: Revenue-based finance explained with Daniel Lipinski
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Funding your eCommerce Marketing: Revenue-based finance explained with Daniel Lipinski

Finding money to fund your marketing and inventory can be tough for early-stage eCommerce businesses. Revenue-based financing could be an option to consider.

In this episode, Outfund CEO, Daniel Lipinski, takes us through the difficulties many founders have with traditional lenders and the motivation for starting a company that is now the top investor of eCommerce companies in the UK.

Some of the topics we covered off in this episode were:

  • The benefits of revenue-based financing over other funding options
  • Inconsistency with supply chains 
  • The results of a social spending experiment

Daniel Lipinski is the CEO and Founder of Outfund. Outfund is a new player in the Fintech space, specializing in revenue-based funding for eCommerce startups. Prior to starting Outfund, Daniel was CEO of ParcelBright, a VC-backed logistics platform, which was acquired in 2016.

Hilary Knox is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of experience in the finance industry, working in financial planning, reporting, and analysis for several companies across Ireland and Australia, including ten years at Vodafone. 


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