Marketing your Shopify Store: Red flags, product/market fit, and analytics with Chase Clymer
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If you’re a Shopify vendor you want to be sure you’re getting as much as you can out of the platform.

On this episode of Optily Radio, Chase Clymer is in the virtual studio alongside our own CEO, Brendan Hughes. We chatted about the process Chase uses with his own clients at Electric Eye, along with some of the major mistakes to avoid when launching a Shopify store and subsequent marketing.

Especially given the hard year and a half we’ve had in the eCommerce world–from the sudden switch to all online during lockdown to the release of iOS 14 and 15 this year–we can take all the expert advice we can get!

The past year and a half has been hard for brands–from lockdowns to iOS 14 and 15. Chase provides many insights into how eCommerce brands should respond to maximize growth.

Chase Clymer is the Co-Founder of Electric Eye, a remote eCommerce development and marketing agency. He’s also a fellow podcaster and hosts Honest eCommerce, a weekly podcast that gives online businesses the edge.

Brendan Hughes is a frequent guest of the show our CEO here at Optily. Brendan’s got decades of experience in eCommerce, both on the ad buying and on the ad selling sides of the business. 

We covered off a lot in this episode, including:

  • The need to conduct an in-depth business reviews with a new client
  • The crucial element of product/market fit for launching a new product
  • Chase’s process for conducting analytics and measuring attribution


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