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Scaling your Store with Magento: Choosing the right platform for your needs with Robert Rand

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Scaling your Store with Magento: Choosing the right platform for your needs with Robert Rand

Magento is a really powerful eCommerce platform, but is it right for your business? Our final episode of this season brings in Robert Rand, Director of Partnerships & Alliances at JetRails, to discuss more about what this solution has to offer growing online retailers.

Robert introduces us to Magento, which we haven’t discussed much previously here, and lets us know it’s definitely not for all businesses. This powerful platform is great for companies that need more customization and flexibility, but it is costly to set up and maintain when compared to the SaaS options out there.

Robert Rand, the Director of Partnerships and Alliances at JetRails, hosts his own weekly podcast on eCommerce too: The Jetrails Podcast. Before he started at Jetrails, he discovered his passion for partnerships at the company he co-founded with his brother, Rand Internet Marketing. 

Chris Machin, Optily’s Director Strategic of Partnerships, has worked for nearly a decade building partnerships. He’s also worked with all the major platforms in eCommerce and brings his competitive baseball mentality to business.

The main topics we discussed on the show were:

  • How site performance impacts SEO
  • The need to bring in multiple complementary solutions for eCommerce success
  • Approaching eCommerce with a long game outlook


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