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Scaling with Email Marketing: Keep customers engaged and shopping Erica Salm Rench

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Scaling with Email Marketing: Keep customers engaged and shopping with Erica Salm Rench

Email marketing is a powerful tool for eCommerce, but are all your newsletter blasts effective if they’re the same for each person? Erica Salm Rench discusses the power of customizing emails, SEO tactics, and organic growth strategies.

Erica Salm Rench, COO of Rasa.io, the only AI-driven smart newsletter platform designed so organizations of any size can personalize content for every subscriber on their email list. She gets to blend her love of digital marketing technology, partnership development, and customer service in order to support the incredible community of rasa.io clients.

The highlights from this episode include:

  • Tools and tactics to stand out in the competitive world of SEO
  • AI and automation for content creation
  • Customized email marketing with a variety of content



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