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Bi-weekly Chats with Experts

Optily Radio: Accelerate eCommerce Marketing

Bi-weekly Chats with Experts

Optily Radio: Accelerate eCommerce Marketing

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Episode #7: June 17, 2021

Beyond Facebook and Google: Selling on YouTube, Reddit, and Quora with Joe Martinez

Are you advertising beyond just Facebook and Google? If not, you could be missing out on really valuable audiences that can be found on Quora, Reddit, or YouTube.  This week we chat with Joe Martinez and Brendan Hughes about how going beyond the major channels can pay off big for your eCommerce marketing.

Joe Martinez (@MilwaukeePPC)  is a veteran of the pay-per-click world and was named among the Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts by PPC Hero three years in a row. He’s a regular columnist on Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, and WordStream, along with being a frequent contributor to many other digital marketing online publications. He’s also spoken at some of the industry’s largest conferences and co-founded the Paid Media Pros Youtube channel.

Brendan Hughes is the CEO here at Optily and has decades of experience creating and implementing digital marketing and eCommerce strategies. He’s led teams across many high-growth consumer-facing organizations, so he’s very familiar with both the challenges and opportunities digital marketers face every day.


Episode #6: June 3, 2021

Grow with Facebook & Instagram: Adapt, experiment, and measure with Akvile DeFazio

Facebook and Instagram ads are kind of a must in eCommerce, but are yours set up in the best way? This week, we talk to Akvile DeFazio about how to structure a great campaign on these two huge social platforms, the best ad formats to use, and how she’s been adapting to recent privacy changes.

Akvile is the founder of Social Media Agency AKvertise, which won the best small agency award in the U.S. Social Media Awards last year. She has experience working with a wide array of companies, from outdoor gear and apparel eCommerce, to pet health insurance, online publications, and event marketing via paid search and social. She’s always posting interesting thoughts on new developments in social media advertising on Twitter, so make sure you’re following her there at @AkvileDeFazio.

On the Optily side, we had our Campaign Manager, Klayvann Camargo, join the chat. Klayvann’s got over a decade of experience running social ads and also started his own micro-agency in Brazil before he joined the Optily team.


Kelly Vaughn

Episode #5: May 20, 2021

Excel with Shopify: Be organized, stay authentic, and take good pictures with Kelly Vaughn

If you’re in eCommerce there’s a good chance you’re on Shopify. Even if you’re not, this week’s guest, Kelly Vaughn, goes into eCommerce strategies that pay off no matter your platform of choice. Things like owning that you’re a small team, being a more human brand, and making sure your visual assets are uniform can be applied across the board.

Kelly is a developer whose path to eCommerce is somewhat unorthodox. She’s the founder of The Taproom, a Shopify development agency that’s grown in leaps and bounds over the past year. She’s also the co-host of two podcasts of her own, Commerce Tea and The Ladybug Podcast.  She’s got a large network on Twitter, where she constantly posting about her work and personal life, so make sure to follow here there at @Kvlly.

Kevin Stagg, Optily’s Marketing Director, joined the conversation this week too. Kevin is a marketing leader with nearly 20 years of experience in B2C and B2B marketing. He’s got a ton of experience in both SMBs and Enterprise level businesses with international reach, including Microsoft and Ding.


Greg Sterling on Shopping Local Online

Episode #4: May 6, 2021

Shopping Local Online: Know your customers, engage, and make it easy with Greg Sterling

While eCommerce has suddenly shifted to the main way of shopping during the pandemic, there are certain things that people will still prefer to buy in person. Is your store 100% online or do you also have a physical presence?

Greg Sterling (known on Twitter as @gsterling) and Keith O’Reilly join us in the studio to chat about the melding of online and offline, the importance of making it easy to shop, and knowing what your customers want.

Greg is the VP of Market Insights at Uberall, a company that creates “Near Me” brand experiences. He has been working in search, particularly local search marketing for over 2 decades. He’s recently finished up his 14-year tenure as a Contributing Editor at Search Engine Land.

Keith is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Optily. He is an award-winning product innovator and has over 20 years of experience in product development in advertising across online, offline, in-store, and social media.


Kirk Williams on Next Level Google Shopping

Episode #3: April 22, 2021

Next Level Google Shopping: Smart Shopping, data, and resurrected funnels with Kirk Williams

It’s hard to get around Google Shopping when you’re in eCommerce, but do you know when to use Google Smart Shopping instead? Kirk Williams, known by his Twitter handle @PPCKirk, joins Brendan Hughes, Optily’s CEO, in this episode to talk about the data black hole you get with Smart campaigns, tips on structuring your Google Shopping campaigns, and his new book “Ponderings of a PPC Professional.”

Kirk Williams is the Owner of ZATO Marketing, a small agency that specializes in paid search on Google and Microsoft and caters especially to eCommerce businesses. He’s been named among the Top 25 Most Influential PPCers in the world by PPC Hero for the past 5 years.

Brendan Hughes is the CEO here at Optily and has decades of experience creating and implementing digital marketing and eCommerce strategies. He’s led teams across many high-growth consumer-facing organizations, so he’s very familiar with both the challenges and opportunities digital marketers face every day.


Episode #2: April 8, 2021

The Future of Search: Writing for robots who read and humans who don’t with Barry Schwartz

Search is getting harder, especially when we’re told to write for humans who don’t read, not for robots who do. In this episode of Optily Radio, we have Google expert, Barry Schwartz, and Optily’s resident Google Guy, Randall Glick, on to talk about Google news and trends: cookie-free Chrome and FLoC, how link building has become a lot more complex, and what steps companies can take to ensure they’re ranking for the terms that matter to them.

Barry Schwartz is the founder of Search Engine Roundtable, News Editor of Search Engine Land, and CEO of Rusty Brick, a Web service firm specializing in customized online technology, based out of New York. He’s worked in Search for almost 2 decades and has spoken, moderated, and coordinated at many a search marketing conference. In 2019, Barry won the Outstanding Community Services Award from Search Engine Land and in 2018 the US Search Personality Of The Year award from US Search Awards.

Randall Glick is the Product Manager at Optily. He’s worked in Digital for over 20 years with agencies, corporates, and startups, and has been on both sides of client/supplier relationship. Randall is also a lecturer in Digital Marketing, having provided content for programs at various institutions, including local colleges here in Ireland TU Dublin and UCD, along with Boston College in the States.


Episode #1: March 25, 2021

Funnels & Attribution: Right time, right place, and right person with Brendan Hughes

The inaugural episode of Optily Radio hosts Brendan Hughes, Optily’s CEO, and his wealth of experience in eCommerce and digital marketing across a variety of sectors on both the media buying and media selling sides of the industry. We talked about how hard it was for small businesses to know what’s working in digital advertising, the importance of a strategic approach, and whether the sales funnel is still a thing.

Brendan took time over the Christmas period to put together a book detailing some topics that he discussed here and more, including:

  • Is the sales funnel dead?
  • How can we accurately measure ad attribution?
  • Which analytics data should I trust?
  • How should we talk to audiences at different stages?

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