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Using Facebook Advantage+ to Grow your Shopify Store

Facebook Advantage+ can be a useful marketing tool for all businesses looking to grow their Shopify store in 2022.

Facebook Advantage+ with Shopify

Today, we’ll look at what Facebook Advantage+ campaigns are, including their benefits and drawbacks. We’ll do this to determine the opportunity to utilize these campaigns to grow your Shopify store. As Nina spoke about in a recent blogGrowing your Shopify ROAS as Digital Ad Prices Continue to Rise,” gaining every advantage you can get for your Shopify store is essential.

Facebook claims this new campaign type will streamline its proven processes by following recommended settings and producing even more effective ads. Let’s find out how!

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What is Facebook Advantage+

Meta (Facebook) Advantage+ app campaigns were previously known as automated app ads. The campaigns aim to achieve the highest performance from your app install campaigns with less effort for the user.

This is achieved by utilizing powerful machine learning algorithms to deliver high performing creative to the most relevant audiences on the most effective ad placements.

Unlike traditional conversion campaigns on Facebook Ads, Facebook Advantage+ campaigns combine the campaign, ad set, and ad creation stages into one merged stage.

Essentially, this means that they are a simpler way to set up conversion campaigns. They require manual input and hand off a lot of the heavy lifting to Facebook to automatically choose tailored campaign settings on your behalf.

Connecting your Shopify account to Facebook Advantage+

We spoke about connecting your Facebook and Shopify accounts extensively in our blog “Mastering the Facebook Conversions API with Shopify.” As a brief recap, follow these steps: 

➡️Log into your Shopify account. Install the Facebook channel to connect Meta to Shopify and follow the instructions.

➡️ Now, Shopify has permission to access your Facebook Page, Facebook Ad account, Business Manager, and, most importantly for us, Facebook Advantage+.

➡️ The last step is to add the Meta Pixel to your Shopify admin.


Benefits of Facebook Advantage+ for your Shopify Store

➡️Campaign creation: Simplified campaign setup, including fewer inputs and only one ad set with the ability to bulk create ads. 

➡️Placement optimization: The software shows your ad to the right people in as many places as possible across Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.
➡️Ad creative: No limit to the number of creatives you can upload. You can upload up to 50 images or videos at any one time and automatically create ads.
➡️Audience options: Simplified audience targeting inputs allow you to choose a combination of country, language, and app store. 
➡️Bidding: You can still use the lowest cost bid strategy if you wish, with the option to add a bid cap.
➡️ Reporting: Simplified reporting with no breakdowns at the campaign level for age, demographics, or placement. 

Drawbacks of Facebook Advantage+ for your Shopify Store

The main drawback of Facebook Advantage+ is the loss of freedom that it causes.

The software really does simplify the conversion campaign creation process, however, this may not be ideal for many advertisers who want more granular input in the whole process.

If you’re looking for a well-optimized conversion campaign that you can push out in scale, then this is the ad type for you. However, if you are a marketer that likes to have full control over their individual ads, then maybe Facebook Advantage+ isn’t ideal for your situation. They seem to be aimed at advertisers with little prior experience with Facebook Ads, allowing them to skip the more complicated stages of ad creation while still getting great ad sets.

We would say that all eCommerce Shopify stores should check out Facebook Advantage+ to understand its potential benefits for their business.


Facebook Advantage+ campaigns are a fantastic introduction for less-experienced advertisers to get involved in the Facebook Ads ecosystem.

It introduces a simplified, all-in-one campaign creation process that was long needed on Facebook Ads. This will hopefully make the platform more accessible to even more advertisers. It should be a very useful tool for smaller Shopify merchants dipping their toes into the water of Facebook Ads.

If you would like to really grow your Shopify store, check out what Optily can do for your business by downloading our app today! Optily is a revolution in digital ad spend management. We can supercharge your eCommerce advertising across the online advertising world.

Thanks for reading!

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