Introducing Optily: An Open Letter from our CEO

I’ve worked in eCommerce for a long time and I know how hard it can be to justify ad spend for all your various online channels. You need to spend hours sorting through mismatched data from different sources. Then you have to put these numbers together to make them easy to digest for your higher-ups. […]

eCommerce Advertising: 10 Proven Strategies to Improve ROAS

There is some virtue in the advice to ”never waste a crisis.” Regardless of how your business is performing within the current context, the need for evermore cost-effective marketing is pressing. Efficient marketing is the fuel to scale our businesses.

Updated: July 2022

Why your Marketing Attribution Model is More Crucial than Ever

An attribution model in marketing refers to the analysis and understanding of the touchpoints in a consumer journey during their path to a conversion. If a consumer buys an item on a website after clicking on a single display ad, we can be fairly certain to award that conversion entirely to that one ad. What […]