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How do you run a Facebook (Meta) Ads Birthday Discount campaign?

Facebook birthday discounts
Facebook Ads Birthday Discount campaigns are an easy and effective way to improve your eCommerce business's Facebook marketing campaigns.

Facebook Ads Birthday Discount

Facebook (Meta) has a lot of users – over 2.91 billion –who interact with the platform almost every single day. Everyone in the digital marketing world knows that you have to advertise on Facebook to run a successful eCommerce business. Advertising on Facebook is hugely successful for many companies, including all of our customers! One of the reasons for this is that Facebook is infamous for its targeting capabilities.

As a digital marketer, you will no doubt be used to running ads targeted at demographics such as age, gender, or affiliations like political interests or fans of certain TV shows.

However, there is a really cool Facebook ads campaign that can be run on Facebook and you may never have even heard of it… The Facebook Ad birthday discount campaign!

Even though you may not have used it for your own eCommerce business, it’s very likely that you yourself have been targeted and responded to a Facebook birthday ads campaign. Everyone loves a birthday and what could be nicer than being offered something free to celebrate your birthday? For birthday ads, you target people with an upcoming birthday and offer them a gift, such as BOGOF (buy one, get one free). They get the gift and you get the customer, WIN-WIN!

Today we’re going to talk about Facebook ads birthday discount copy, creative, and strategy.

Let’s take a look!

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Facebook Ads Birthday Discount

Facebook Ads manager has a whole subsection of targeting called “Life Events” and this is where you will find birthday targeting. It’s really simple to set up on your Facebook ads manager account. Let’s take a look at some top tips for running your campaign!

However, before we jump right in I want to note that the first thing you need to do is ensure you have set up a multi-step sales funnel to make sure you capture and convert the people who want to take you up on your offer. Facebook has incredible targeting abilities but you should also have an internal funnel to know who your customer is. Not everyone is going to want your product, even at a discount on their birthday, unfortunately so you need to find your target audience.

If you need a hand setting up an awesome multi-stage funnel, check out our detailed guide on building out marketing funnels for eCommerce.

Setting up a Facebook Ads Birthday Discount Campaign

Setting up your Birthday ad campaign on Facebook Ads Manager is straightforward. Here are 10 steps to follow to create an amazing birthday campaign:

  1. On your Facebook page, go to Manage Ads
  2. Click on Create
  3. In Consideration, click Traffic
  4. Once here Campaign Name, type Birthday Giveaways
  5. In Ad set name, type women 18+ (or whoever your target birthday group is)
  6. Then in Detailed Targeting, type Birthday and choose from the dropdown menu e.g. Birthday in June 
  7. In Budget, choose optimization, link clicks, and choose your daily budget
  8. In Ad name, type your ad name
  9. For the Website URL, put in the location that you want to send the traffic to e.g. landing page
  10. In the Text Box, add your text message e.g. Happy Birthday, here’s our gift to you, etc.

Facebook Ads Birthday Discount Expert Tips

Now that you know how to set up your Facebook Ads birthday discount campaign, let’s take a look at some tips to turn it from a regular birthday ad campaign to an AMAZING birthday ad campaign!

Copy for your Facebook Ad

This is easy; just say Happy Birthday! Their upcoming birthday is on their mind and someone wishing them a happy birthday is sure to get their attention. Simple. You’ve gotten their attention.

Next, you can dazzle them with your lovely birthday offer. Make this copy as concise as possible, e.g.

“For your birthday, we want to give you….”

This short and sweet approach will show grab their attention and quickly hold it by telling them you’re giving them something for free.

Although the “Enticing Product Descriptions That Convert” blog was written on a different topic, the same principles apply here and might be worth a read. Clear, concise, and attention-grabbing are the key factors!

Creative for your Birthday Discount

As well as using simple language, a nice creative piece will grab the person’s attention. As birthdays are festive, fun, and extravagant you can lean into that theme. An explosion of color, confetti, and fireworks won’t look out of place for once. 

Video ads also work really well here, or even animated GIFs. You can have cake, candles, and balloons fly around the screen and then quickly follow up with your product and your specialized offer.

For more insight into creative content have a read of this article, Growing your Shopify Store with Content Marketing.

Retargeting after a Birthday Discount Campaign

Always, always follow up. As with other types of ad campaigns, follow-up marketing is very important. 

An interesting approach that some businesses use is – A Thank You Follow Up. Once the person has availed of their birthday gift or discount, you should direct them to a Thank You page.

This is another chance to offer them something more as an added bonus for them on their birthday, for being such a great customer! You can also create the concept of scarcity for this offer by showing them that this is a time-limited offer. This tactic is known to drive conversions, which is what you want, to get the all-important sales.

For instance, “add product B in the next 30 min and get an additional 10% off!”

You could also retarget with similar products to the ones that they showed interest in via different methods such as email marketing. 

You can learn everything you need to know about email marketing right here in this blog, Giving you the Edge: Email Marketing.


That’s basically it. Running a Facebook birthday ad campaign isn’t very difficult and is underutilized by businesses. However, you now know how to run a Facebook birthday ad campaign, so you are ready to go and get ahead of your competition. 

There’s no need to overthink the targeting strategy as Facebook handles most of the heavy lifting in that aspect. It’s just very straightforward and an evergreen campaign that has a constantly updating audience. It’s very easy and very effective.

I definitely recommend you give it a try!

As always, if you need some insight into digital marketing or you want to see your ROAS skyrocket, check out Optily – A revolution in digital ad spend management for Shopify. We can supercharge your eCommerce advertising across the entire online advertising world to achieve ROAS levels that you never thought were possible.

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