5 Marketing Tactics to Scale your Shopify Clothing Store in 2022

Marketing Tactics to Scale your Shopify Clothing Store in 2022
Take your Shopify Clothing Store to new heights in 2022 with these 5 incredible and actionable marketing tactics to scale your business.

Shopify Clothing Store

COVID-19 may have stopped us from going into a store, standing in front of a mirror, and trying on the latest fashion but it certainly didn’t stop us from buying the latest fashion. According to a study by Statista, women’s apparel accounted for $187 billion dollars while men’s clothing accounted for $86 billion dollars in the US in 2020.

The industry was estimated at $752.5 billion at the end of 2020! The market is expected to grow even further at 9.1% per year.

With numbers like this, you’d be crazy not to want to get involved as a business owner. However, to stand out of the crowd in a market this saturated you’re going to need some expert tips and tricks.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to effectively promote your Shopify clothing store to scale in 2022.

5 Marketing Tactics to Scale your Shopify Clothing Store in 2022

I’ve compiled 10 key tactics for marketing your Shopify clothing store in the list below.

Whether you’re new to Shopify or if you’re a Shopify store veteran, I hope you find these expert tactics insightful and that learn something actionable that you can apply to your business from this article.

#1 - Solidify your Shopify Clothing Store Branding

The first thing you must do is create a rock-solid branding foundation to build upon.

Given the nature of fashion, it is intrinsically tied to self-expression, be that the wearer or the company selling the fashion. For this reason, you must establish a genuine brand and create an emotional connection with your customers. 

Focus on being genuine and true to who you are as a business. From there you can look at your favorite brands to identify tactics they use and incorporate them into your strategy.

You’re providing more than just clothes to people. You’re providing emotions and feelings. You want someone to put on your clothes and think “Woah, I look good today and feel confident!”

#2 - Identify and Spotlight your Signature Product

Some products never go out of style. 

Which one of your products is that? 

Maybe you’re like Lululemon and although you sell many other items, your superstar is women’s leggings? 

Identifying what your signature piece is can be difficult at first if you’re just starting out. However, once you’ve noticed traction on a certain product keep it in stock and ‘in the shop window’. This high repeat purchase rate will keep existing customers happy while also helping pull in new customers.

Once you’ve found your signature then you can start exploring other products and styles to grow your Shopify store.

lululemon leggings

#3 - Start Selling Complementary Products

Quickly scale your Shopify store by selling products that complement products that you are already selling. 

This tactic allows you greater opportunity for cross-selling and increasing your average order value.

Many clothing businesses do this with a “You may also like these products” section. The suggested products are complementary to the initial interest product such as a t-shirt or workout top with a pair of leggings.

lululemon tops

#4 - Use Email Marketing for your Shopify Clothing Store

With an eCommerce business, every channel of information you have with your customers is extremely important. None more so than emails. 

Using email marketing allows you to scale your business and boost sales by inputting personalization into the customer journey.

I recently purchased ski gear for an upcoming skiing trip. The company I bought from followed up immediately after payment with a payment confirmation. A few days later they emailed to let me know that “Max” had hand-picked and quality-checked all my items. Later that evening I got another email saying the package was on its way with “an added treat because we’re feeling generous”. 

The email felt genuine and interactive, a great example of how you can use email marketing to acquire and retain new customers.

#5 - Use Popups to Secure Sales

Consumers often browse eCommerce stores, see items they like, maybe even add them to their carts but never buy them.

Items in an abandoned cart aren’t sold and therefore they aren’t helpful to growing your business. However, using smart marketing tactics offering popup discounts could be exactly what you need to seal the deal.

Popups can help you to convert more first-time visitors, recover more carts, and drive more repeat purchases.

Offering a time limit discount if a customer attempts to abandon their cart can be a very strong incentive. Customers know that if they buy this product that they are interested in right now, rather than leaving it for now they can get it for cheaper.

It’s an easy tactic to integrate into your Shopify clothing store.

Email popup

Extra Tip - Be Fun and Entertaining

Of course, if your brand is elegant and professional, you should stick to your brand. 

However, when starting out it is much easier to stand out if you’re fun and playful with your brand and marketing.

Think of how you can connect with your audience in different ways. Perhaps you can launch a campaign with an established company that has a very similar audience to you.

If you’re a little bit scrappy and willing to try out different things, you can quickly grow your Shopify clothing store and start selling more than ever!


This list of insightful and actionable marketing tips will help you to scale your Shopify clothing store in 2022.

The key to success for your online eCommerce store is a solid marketing strategy. From there your products will be in the right place at the right time and you’ll have the best opportunity to convert consumers into customers.

There are so many amazing clothing brands out there that use these 5 simple tactics to secure sale after sale, now you can too!

Thanks for reading!

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