5 Tips to Successfully Grow your Home Goods Shopify Store

Home Goods Shopify Store
Achieve incredible growth in 2022 for your Home Goods Shopify Store by implementing these 5 easy and effective expert tips.

Home Goods Shopify Store Growth

Are you a home goods seller looking to start up or expand your eCommerce business? Brilliant! You’re in just the right place.

In 2021, retail eCommerce revenue from home goods sales amounted to $132.7 billion in the US. So it’s safe to say you’re in a growing and vibrant market.

Today it’s time to grow your home goods Shopify store by applying the 5 expert tips in this article. These are real, practical ways to grow your Shopify store without blowing through all of your budget or scaling too quickly.

In this comprehensive article, we’ve put together a list of the top factors that you need to crush to grow your Shopify store.

Let’s check them out! 🏡

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What is a Home Good Shopify Store?

“Home Goods” is a broad term that covers many different products. Most stores of this type will sell a wide range of different products for a home, including:

  • Furniture
  • Home Decor
  • Beds
  • Bathroom Decor
  • Lights
  • Appliances

Home goods stores that you may be familiar with include: HomeGoods, IKEA, The Home Depot, or Pottery Barn.

All of these stores also have an online presence where they sell their home goods products through websites. However, there is also a big market for niche home goods where smaller retailers thrive.

We recently looked at 5 Key Marketing Strategies for your Shopify Jewelry Store and How do I get more sales on Shopify. Keeping in the same theme, today we’ll look at tips tailored toward home goods Shopify store. However, these tactics can be applied to most eCommerce businesses to help grow your store!

Our expert’s top tips are:

  1. Optimize your Store for Moblie

  2. Improve Your Shopify SEO

  3. Increase your Product Range

  4. Try out Augmented Reality

  5. Grow an E-Mail List of Customers

# 1 - Optimize your Store for Mobile

Mobile devices account for approximately half of web traffic worldwide. In the last quarter of 2021, mobile devices generated 54.4% of global website traffic. For the last number of years, mobile has been hovering around the 50 percent mark surpassing it in 2020.

To ensure that you’re reaching the widest audience possible, you need to ensure your home goods Shopify Store is optimized for mobile. You can do this by:

  • Ensuring your paragraphs are the right length and are not too bulky
  • Making sure your images are high quality and load quickly
  • Checking that your CTAs are easily accessible
  • Ensuring your content flows in a “scrollable” fashion
Source: Statcounter

# 2 - Improve Your Shopify SEO

One of the most effective ways to get more customers to your home goods Shopify store is to focus on building your SEO through keyword research and website optimizations.

The higher your eCommerce store ranks on the most popular search engines the more likely people are to check out your store.

Things you should examine are:

  • Does your Shopify Store load quickly?
  • Are you using relevant keywords effectively?
  • Is your Shopify store registered?

To learn more about Shopify SEO, read our article SEO Essentials For All Businesses.

# 3 - Increase your Product Range

The formula seems easy: if you want to make more money, sell more products. 

However, in reality, you can’t sell every product in the world. Amazon and its $1.719 Trillion market cap, may say differently but we can learn from their approach. Offering more products engages more people and will likely lead to more sales.

You should carefully conduct research to investigate what similar products your target customers buy and what complementary products could you offer to increase the average order value on your Shopify store.

Take Dollar Shave Club, for example. What complementary products go with a razor handle? Razor blades, shaving cream, and a case. They now enticed a customer to buy four products instead of just one.

Source: Dollar Shave Club

# 4 - Try out Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a super cool new marketing technique that is making its way into the market. One of the most challenging aspects of having an eCommerce business is that your customer never gets to physically see the items in person before they buy them. 

Augmented reality offers a solution to this.

This is a super-effective solution for home goods stores as it gives your customers a better idea of the size and dimension of the products. It also allows the customer to meta-physically see the products in their homes.

Trust me, if you can include augmented reality marketing in your home goods Shopify Store you’ll absolutely stand out from all your competitors!

Source: TechCrunch

# 5 - Grow an E-Mail List of Customers

Email lists are an incredibly strong marketing tool to grow your home goods Shopify store or grow any business really. 

Once you’ve got one, you aren’t as reliant on Facebook, Google, or anyone else to drive traffic to your store. You can contact a group of people who are proven to be interested in your products with the push of a button.

To grow your email list you can try including a pop-up box on your homepage prompting visitors to give their email in exchange for something beneficial to them, such as a discount.

For more information on how to create an amazing email list, read our article Giving you the Edge: Email Marketing.


With these 5 concise and actionable tips you should be able to immediately grow your home goods Shopify store!

You have incredible products and a market that you know is willing to buy quality goods now all you need to do is deploy the right strategies to attract more customers. I hope after reading this article you feel more comfortable doing so.

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