Top 3 Shopify Marketing Apps for 2023

As we get close to ringing in the New Year, we're covering 3 Shopify marketing apps that would be helpful to have in your toolkit for 2023.

Running a Shopify store means you’re constantly trying to find ways to scale without adding to your team’s already full workload. The solution to growing consistently and efficiently is in implementing a select few Shopify marketing apps.

With so many apps out there, it can be a bit overwhelming to know where to start. We’ve got a short list of 3 apps you should add to your arsenal in the new year. These three solutions will help you save time on ad spend management, conversion rate optimization on your site, and customer service across all your channels.

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1. Optily: The Sales Supercharger

The Optily app optimizes your ad spend across Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube. The app can help you make the most of every marketing dollars, while saving you countless hours on analysis and manual changes.

Instant Campaign Insights

Optily pulls in your platform data straight out of Google and Meta, combining it with your Shopify sales metrics. This means you have a unified view of your marketing and sales data in one dashboard. Optily makes it easy to see which campaigns are contributing to your business goals and which ones aren’t.

Fast Ad Optimization

With daily recommendations for ad spend allocation, Optily makes managing multiple campaigns simple. Simply review the suggestions and apply them straight from the dashboard.

Rapid Sales Growth

By helping merchants optimize their ads quickly, you see results in a matter of days. The time you save by using Optily you can then spend growing your business in other ways.

Try Optily free for 14 days.

2: Justuno

Once you bring potential customers onto your site, you need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to get them to convert. Justuno is a great tool for conversion rate optimization. By using AI technology, it enables you to leverage personalized marketing and increase conversions.

Some of the standout features include eCommerce promotions, email capturing pop-ups, and robust traffic segmentation:

  • Lead Capture
  • Recover Abandoned Carts
  • Commerce AI
  • Audience Sync
  • Personalization


Try Justuno free for 14 days.

3. Gorgias

Customer service and personalized care is a crucial extension of marketing. Nothing can make or break the reputation of a company like problem resolution. For this reason, a solution like Gorgias is key for growing businesses. 

Gorgias enables you to centralize your customer care, automate Q&As, and turn your customer care team into a profit center. 

Some of the highlights of using Gorgias are:

  • Unified feed with email, chat, SMS, and social media comms
  • Full customer order and conversation history for calls
  • View, edit, and cancel Shopify orders from the app
  • Automated answers and self-service menus to reduce friction


Try Gorgias free for 7 days.

What other Shopify marketing apps do you use?

These three apps give a diversity of functionality for growing businesses. Of course, there are plenty more out there. Let us know which ones have worked well for you by commenting on our social media pages.


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