Ecom World Highlights 2021

Ecom World Highlights 2021
A look back over the highlights of the largest eCommerce event in history! Here we'll summarize Ecom World's most inspiring and influential guest speakers.

Did you miss out on the largest eCommerce event in history? No, I’m not joking, Ecom World June 2021 became the largest eCommerce event ever held!

Ecom World is a gathering of the most influential and inspiring eCommerce people from across the globe.

This year there were over 40,000 attendees, over 8,000 brands, and over 80 speakers!

The goal of Ecom World is “to share exclusive knowledge, tactics and actionable strategies on how to build, operate, and scale profitable eCommerce businesses.”

If you missed out on this fantastic event, don’t worry the next event is on 15-16th of November 2021 and early-bird tickets are live!

While we eagerly await the next event, let’s have a look back over some of the highlights of Ecom World June 2021:

#1 Brendan Hughes

Discover the Digital Ads Funnel Strategy That Will Turbocharge Your Growth

Topping the list for us is our very own Optily CEO, Brendan Hughes.

In this session, Brendan focuses on growth and deep dives into the subject so that you realize the importance of the funnel approach. He explores the growth psychology of customers and examines the best delivery methods to ensure the most stable and successful model for your company.

He begins his insightful discussion by examining if the funnel, developed over 120 years, is still relevant to contemporary eCommerce businesses. Brendan also takes you through a step-by-step guide to understanding the customer voice.

In the latter half of this talk Charles Chy, Director of eCommerce at Soltech Solutions, joins Brendan for a thoughtful Q&A on turbocharging your eCommerce growth.

Brendan is also the author of the book Accelerate eCommerce Growth: A Proven Framework to Scaling Your eCommerce Business with Digital Advertising

The goal of this talk: To allow businesses to identify their opportunities and begin their journey to optimized funnel-based advertising.

#2 Gary Vaynerchuk

Secret Sauce to Success: Marketing, Product Positioning, and Mindset Advice

This headline interview with Gary Vaynerchuk (better known as GaryVee), was one of the highlights of Ecom World 2021.

This talk takes more of a Q&A style with one of Ecom World’s presenters Phillip Schoeffmann moderating. Throughout the interview, GaryVee focuses on entrepreneurs and methods to identify new direct-to-consumer (DTC) opportunities to bring their business to the next level.

Building a successful business isn’t easy, however, GaryVee reveals his unique tips to unlock the ultimate mindset tips for building an empire.

Perhaps the highlight of the talk was GaryVee’s reason why CEOs should stop obsessing over ROAS; ROAS and data are fantastic but there needs to be an element of creativity to stand out.

A theme of “businesses should have more fun marketing their brand” can also be sensed throughout.

The goal of this talk: To explore the biggest challenges DTC companies face and learn surefire ways to resolve them.

#3 Ezra Firestone

The $100M Mobile Product Page

Ezra Firestone gives a fantastic talk, making a technical and tactical deep dive on eCommerce product pages incredibly interesting.

His enthusiasm shines through throughout as he guides you on how to create a product page that generates over $100M in sales.

Most of his expertise comes from living the experience and bringing a business to $100M in revenue in just over 5 and a half years.

From videos in carousels to where to including a “why to buy” section, Firestone explains exactly how to make a stellar product page.

Just some of the guarantees that Firestone states if you follow his methods include:

  • Hitting a 20% conversion rate from cold traffic
  • Learn how to receive 86% more visitors on your product page
  • Grow your email list with over 100% more email sign-ups

The goal of this talk: A how-to-guide to making a 100 million dollar product page

#4 Harley Finkelstein

Democratizing Commerce: How Shopify Is Leveling the Playing Field for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

No doubt having the President of one of the biggest eCommerce companies in the world was a highlight of Ecom World 2021. This interview, led by Kristen LaFrance, Host of Resilient Retail at Shopify, is thought-provoking until the very last minute.

Shopify is has become a household name in the eCommerce world making huge waves in the industry and setting numerous cutting-edge trends.

Harley Finkelstein was one of the very first employees at Shopify, however, he quickly rose through the ranks to become the President.  He shares his insights on the future of eCommerce and where he thinks the industry will move next. If you are growing an eCommerce business this is definitely an interview you should listen to.  Getting expert’s predictions and insights into opportunities to seize in 2021 is invaluable.

As Finkelstein says himself, using a sports analogy, “we’re only at the hotel with eCommerce, we aren’t even at the stadium yet. The future of eCommerce is still in front of us!”

The goal of this talk: Prepare you for the exciting and prosperous eCommerce opportunities of the coming year.

#5 Kyle Ranally

Customer Experience 3.0: Exceeding Expectations in the Next Era of Ecommerce

According to Kyle Ranally “Ecommerce and customer experience as we know it is gone.”

Rannaly focuses on the future of customer experience and what that will look like. He will also explore how online shopping behaviors have evolved and how we as marketers should approach it.

On top of this he provides you tried and tested strategies to retain and exponentially grow your customer base. You will learn how to deliver the ultimate cross-channel customer experience in a complex digital ecosystem with maximum clarity.

Finally, Rannaly addresses the hot topic of privacy. He leads you through a proven strategy to navigate these new expectations around personalization and privacy.

This year where we’ve seen an unimaginable growth in online shoppers. Ranally’s tips and tricks on how to deal with their behaviors are incredibly valuable.

He works at Facebook IQ, a powerful marketing insight tool that I suggest all marketers should check out

The goal of this talk: Getting you onboard with the new era of standards and expectations before it’s too late.


Ecom World June 2021 brought eCommerce thought-leaders from around the world together. With over 80 talks from a diverse and insightful group of panelists, it was one of our favorite events this year!

Some of the standout themes in this year’s events were:

  • eCommerce growth opportunities
  • Ad automation
  • Cross-Channel customer experiences
  • eCommerce funding sources

These themes are also some of the cornerstones of Optily – The Only eCommerce Single Click Ad Spend Optimizer.

If you are interested in a 14-day free trial to see how much your ROAS will increase, click here.

If you are looking for revenue-based finance to boost your eCommerce business, check out Optily Advance.

I look forward to seeing some of you at Ecom World in November! 📆

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