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Starting off Right with Shopify: Tactics for launching strong with Keith Matthews

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Starting off Right with Shopify: Tactics for launching strong with Keith Matthews

Shopify is built so that virtually anyone can launch their own eCommerce store easily. While customizable templates and a simple UI make it easy, the overwhelming number of apps and options can be a bit much for a busy store owner to sift through.

Keith Matthews of Milk Bottle Labs, Ireland’s top Shopify agency, spoke with us about what aspects of a store can really make a brand shine.

Keith is the agency’s founder and host of his own eCommerce podcast, the Milk Bottle eCommerce Show. Previously, he worked with several Blue Chip organizations, including O2, Telefonica, and Digicel.

Brendan Hughes, Optily’s CEO, joined the conversation, drawing from his extensive experience with eCommerce clients.

Among the topics we discussed were:

  • The value of project management for store building action items
  • When a business can benefit from professional web development
  • Email automation for business growth



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