Top 3 Content Formats for Boosting Organic Traffic

Ads can get quick results, but content marketing is playing the long game. Investing in building up your brand as an expert people turn to for answers, not just to buy, can really pay off in the long term. But which kinds of content are typically the best at boosting traffic?

Barry Schwartz on the Future of Search

Barry’s observed something a bit ironic when it comes to Google’s advice to content creators: they want us to write great, in-depth articles for humans, but those humans don’t actually read very much beyond the snippets they’re served up on the search engine results page.

SEO Essentials For All Businesses

Do you want to learn more about the complex world of SEO? Are you making your first steps into the lucrative online advertising scene? SEO can be complicated, so our experts broke down how you can easily implement SEO strategies into your business and instantly see the benefits.