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Optily grew out of 10+ years' experience with a range of international eCommerce businesses, agencies, and online brands.

Enabling you to supercharge your ROAS and reclaim your day.

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Integrating with the platforms you use every day

The only ad spend solution combining Shopify with the biggest data platforms.


Optily was created for Shopify store owners. Our unique service is now available from the Shopify app store.


Optily can manage your Meta Ads budgets across all ad properties, including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network.


From Search, YouTube, Display Network, and Shopping campaigns, Optily can optimize budgets across the entire Google Ads portfolio.

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We’ve heard from our customers just how important TikTok is to their ad strategy. We’ll be adding TikTok ads very soon.

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Enabling Crua Outdoors to deliver maximum returns on their online sales


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Install the app

Step 1 Install App

Step 2

Connect your Google and Meta (Facebook) Ads accounts

Step 2 Connect Platforms

Step 3

Create campaign groups to unlock insights and opportunities

Step 3 Recommendations

Step 4

Review automatically generated recommendations based on business objectives

Step 4 Recommendations

Step 5

Apply recommendations instantly in the app or the ad platform with helpful tips and guidance

Step 5 Budget Movement

Step 6

Watch your sales soar from optimized ad performance

Step 6 Increase Sales

Optily is a trusted partner of the world's biggest digital ad and eCommerce platforms.

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Optily has partnered with Clearco to provide you with financial tools to grow your business.

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