Book Review: Accelerate eCommerce Growth

Launching your ads is easier than ever before, yet somehow it seems like managing your ads keeps getting more and more complex. How can SMBs succeed in online advertising when the Big Guys don’t always make it easy?

Kirk Williams on Next Level Google Shopping

Kirk really likes the term “black hole” when it comes to the data (or lack thereof) you get out of Google Smart Shopping analytics, so tread carefully when starting out. Where’s our data Google???

Book Review: Ponderings of a PPC Professional

How often do you come across a true pager-turner–a book you simply don’t want to put down and get annoyed at every break you’re forced to take from it? And how often has that book been about business?

Facebook Attribution vs. Google Attribution

With the recent change in Facebook’s attribution window, we decided to analyze the differences between Facebook’s Attribution and Google Analytics’ Attribution models to see which is better for your business.

How To Automate Facebook Ads Campaign To Scale Your Business

Struggling to keep up with your business demands? Effective automation can greatly increase the overall efficiency of your business in all aspects. From optimised advertising to larger profits, find out how automation can help your business today.