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Spring 2022 Spotlight

The Complete Guide to Shopify Marketing

The Complete Guide to Shopify Marketing

Whether you’re running an established brick-and-mortar that’s moved online using Shopify or have an entirely new venture, you’ll need ads in order to grow your store.

In this guide, we’re going to cover the fundamentals you need in order to scale with online advertising in the competitive eCommerce landscape. 


  • Shopify Store Essentials
  • Connecting Shopify with Advertising Platforms
  • On-site Improvements


  • How can the funnel help my eCommerce business?
  • Origins of the marketing funnel
  • The buyer’s journey
  • The new marketing funnel
  • Upselling and nurturing customer loyalty
  • Bids and budgets across the marketing funnel
About Optily Optily is the only single-click ad spend optimizer for eCommerce. Our plug-and-play online platform quickly links all of your Google and Facebook ads together and helps you easily determine which campaigns are working. With just one click, you can apply our optimization recommendations–like moving budget from a lower performing Google ad to a better performing one on Instagram. Optily saves you time and money by instantly optimizing your ad spend.
Ad Platforms

How To Reduce Cost Per Lead On Facebook

Facebook is one of the best platforms to generate leads for your business, but only if you know how to optimize the process. Spending more money on ads doesn’t mean more sales, optimizing your ad campaigns does. Find out how to do so right now!

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Digital Marketing Tactics

Digital Advertising in the Eye of the Covid-19 Storm

It is clear that right now for many organizations, advertising and marketing are very low on the priority list. However, for those who can still invest in marketing, now is a good time for several reasons to maintain some level of spend.

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