Cleaning Up with Optily

case study results achieved Optily enabled the client to +169% ROAS Increased their returns within just 2 weeks Prioritization Allocated budget to the best performing ads Optimization Automated recommendation application compounded the success Boost Ad Impact Scaled up the impact of their Google and Facebook Ads The Problem Based in Michigan, Image Wash Products, aka […]

Giving Smartbox the gift of better results at the same budget

case study RESULTS ACHIEVED Optily+ enabled the client to Run A/B tests Ran Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization vs Optily+ 3.4x ROAS Increased their prospecting return on ad spend by a significant margin 12.3x users Over just 6 weeks, the number of new customers increased massively 5.6 x sales lift Incremental sales lift was significantly higher […]

Revving up lead generation for Volkswagen and driving sales

case study Results achieved Optily enabled the client to Implement forms Retrieved Facebook forms in real-time with Data Connect service +6,038 leads Collected contact information for a large number of in-market customers 86x ROAS Increased their return on ad spend by a huge margin Sell 138 cars High-quality leads resulted in a significant number of […]